Nice little wink on a 3-year delta re: potential BOOMS next week?

L👀k at the date of Q drop.

President Trump told us many times he was a “war time President”. Thing is; we weren’t at war while he was in office. Maybe an operation here, or there, sure. But a sustained war? Nope. 

He said this well before Covid as well. 

What did he mean? … 

Information warfare. ✅

Censorship of the truth. ✅

Releasing a bio-attack on the world. ✅

Stealing democracy the world over. ✅

Spying on an incoming POTUS. ✅

Vilifying a sitting POTUS through a myriad of lies. ✅

Forcing an experimental vaccine on society. ✅

Using the DOJ as a weapon. ✅

Antifa/BLM foot soldiers. ✅

Ministry of Truth. ✅

Weaponizing teacher’s unions and school-boards against the best interest of our children. ✅

Infiltration of the medical industry. ✅

Infiltration and control of the media. ✅

Opening the borders. ✅

Bleeding the United States dry at every opportunity. ✅

Food shortage. ✅

Targeting and prosecuting a Three Star General, again based on lies and deception. ✅

Satanic Transgender Agenda being shoved in our children’s faces. ✅

Normalizing pedophilia. ✅

Removing God from society. ✅

He was telling us the entire time. We are at war. Period. Plain and simple. THIS is WWIII. It won’t come from Russia, or China. It won’t come from Iran, or Israel. 

We are already there, and we have been for quite a few years now. The only difference is that the veil has been lifted. 

It is war between us, and [them]. Between freedom and slavery. Between God and Satan. What? You think because there aren’t boots on the ground or armies mobilizing worldwide that we aren’t in the midst of a world war? I’m sorry to burst your bubble – but we are, in fact, at war. 

All I’m asking of anyone who read this is to keep your faith. Do not give up. Do not give in. Many times we give up not realizing how close to the goal we are. And I promise you, based solely on [their] panic, we are REALLY damn close. 

Heads up, Patriots. War is never easy. And victory is never given to those unwilling to pay the price. We’ve all had our asses kicked. All. Of. Us. Victory will be ours, and oh how sweet it will be. 

#WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸