By Bio Clandestine:

Elon correctly calculated the enemy’s moves and counter moves, and lured Twitter into a trap. They have no choice but to lower the price and cut their losses. 

If Elon actually wanted to terminate the deal, he would not threaten to do so, he would just do it. This is a tactic to further expose the enemy and also get Twitter at a discounted price. This move not only saves Elon billions of dollars, but most importantly it solidifies the reality that Twitter not only has a high bot count, but they went great lengths to cover it up and profit off of the falsified user data. 

This confirms Twitter was/is intentionally conducting nefarious activity. This will lead to extensive audits and eventually, the exposure of calculated bot usage to sway public opinion. 

Slowly but surely, the dark secrets of Big Tech are being put on display. One day, the world will know how political entities brainwashed the masses with bot manipulation. 

The Democrat party, who committed treason for years via the Russia hoax in the name of “election interference”, are the ones actually engaged in mass psychological manipulation on social media to alter the outcome of elections.

And that’s just one element of their network to manipulate and control. Now consider all the other lengths the DNC went to alter the 2020 election:

-created an international black-site biological network

-created and released a biological weapon known as C19 to justify implementation of mail-in voting, killing millions in the process and ruining the world economy

-used the flaws of mail-in voting to commit widespread voter fraud via ballot stuffing in swing states due to inflated voter rolls 

-used their control of mainstream media to push politicized disinformation and brainwash the public 

-used their control of social media to push politicized disinformation and cover up negative true stories about the DNC (Biden Laptop) 

Elon is exposing one major element of a greater conspiracy to control the outcome of US elections, and therefore the world. And it seems all of these elements are being brought to light in unison. 

A seismic shift is happening.