by Bio Clandestine:

Official release yesterday (Thursday) from the US DoD titled: Fact Sheet on WMD Threat Reduction Efforts with Ukraine, Russia and Other Former Soviet Union Countries

TheDoD goes on and lists it’s illustrious achievements in reducing the global threat of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Adamantly reiterating that Ukraine “has no nuclear, chemical, or biological programs”. But also clarifies they do indeed have 46 biolabs in Ukraine, but they are used solely for “peaceful” purposes. 

This release is clearly in response to the global distrust and public outcry pertaining to US biological activity in Ukraine. Looks like we generated enough noise and awareness to cause the DoD to panic and come out with a damage control statement. They are feeling the weight of our pressure. 

There is so much to go over here and so many avenues open up from this release statement. Much more than meets the eye. Read the release and then read the rest of my thread with my thoughts below: 

1: The US DoD just said they have been “providing support to 46 peaceful Ukrainian laboratories”. 🚨🚨🚨

Holy shit… 46? it’s worse than I thought. But most importantly, the DoD just confirmed the entire Western media complex was lying about there not being any labs in Ukraine. I was censored and banned across multiple platforms for accurately reporting a groundbreaking story, and shamed by the entire western media complex. Not just the left-wing, the conservatives too. Hannity, Dan Crenshaw, everyone on Fox News with the exception of Tucker, said it was crazy conspiracy theory nonsense. 

Keep in mind there are 47+ mainstream publications and countless individuals spreading libelous claims about myself by government name and my initial report on the US biolabs in Ukraine. All those labs they said didn’t exist, do in fact exist. In fact there were a lot more than we initially knew about.

2. Something to make sure not to overlook, the Russian/American cooperation aspect of this release. The US DoD is speaking about their past coalitions with Russia to dispose of harmful weapons and working with Russian scientists with peaceful biological research. Read the passage below. 

“Engagement of thousands of former Russian biological weapons scientists to conduct peaceful biological research projects for public health purposes, with the Russian government’s full approval. (These types of projects were very similar to biological research projects Russia is now criticizing in other former Soviet countries.)”

The US DoD are trying to justify their nefarious research in Ukraine, by claiming that it’s okay because the Russian government used to do this research a long time ago… 

So we went from there being no labs, to there are labs but they aren’t doing any harmful research, to well the labs may have been doing some harmful research but Russia can’t call us out on it, because Russia used to do it back in the day too. 

THATS ACTUALLY WHAT OUR GOVERNMENT JUST SAID. While they are playing the blame game with Russia over biological weapons… millions of people are dying across the globe and the world has gone to absolute shit. 

3. This release is also precariously stated, as it doesn’t negate or deny the allegations from the Russian Military pertaining to the biological weapons network featuring Obama, Hilary, Soros and current President Biden. 

The DoD specifically reiterated there are no biological weapons “programs” in Ukraine. Well no shit. The allegations are not that there is an official US Biological Weapons “Program”; the allegations are that DNC and global bureaucrats abused their positions to funnel US DoD and Executive funds to non-governmental foundations they owned, to wash/launder the money, to then send it to political black site biolabs they owned in Ukraine (Think Hunter Biden, Metabiota) to conduct illegal research outside the scope of US Congressional oversight, and then use the research to enrich themselves via kickbacks from the big pharmaceutical companies they own.

The Russians aren’t directly accusing the US DoD, they are accusing a political entity from within the US government who weaponized the DoD and are using government and non-government entities to create biological weapons in a clandestine non-government sanctioned operation. It’s not the US government they are accusing, it’s the Deep State. 

4. I’m not sure what the US DoD were looking to accomplish here. All they did was prove the overall messaging from the Western media and government surrounding the labs has been false, and they clarified that they are no biological weapons programs on the books. Which we already knew. 

If anything, it appears like the DoD may be trying to cover their own asses and separate themselves from the Deep State entity who controlled the allocation of their funds. We have to keep in mind it’s not the US DoD who did this, it’s the Deep State players who controlled the White House and weaponized the DoD’s funding at labs in Ukraine with contractors. These black site activities don’t speak for the entirety of the good and honest heroes at the US DoD. 

Perhaps this is the turning point where the US MIL turns on the sitting POTUS and the Deep State actors. I mean the title of the release statement does include “Threat Reduction Efforts with Russia”. Are they hinting that they will be working with Russian MIL to dispose of harmful weapons again? 

There is a lot to digest here. I’m not entirely sure what to make of it, but this release statement confirms a lot. Yes, there are biolabs in Ukraine. Yes, the entire Western media complex just got caught lying about it.