• I’ve wondered about this tweet for a while. It’s looking like it was a trap.
  • 45 wanted as many people there as possible so he could give the Ds the opportunity to do the right thing – knowing they wouldn’t.
  • We’ve learned that 45 & his Department of Defense begged & pleaded with Pelosi, Schumer and Mayor Bowser to call in troops to protect the Capitol. But he knew they wouldn’t. They wanted the riot.
  • It’s all documented, per Kash. Are these docs what DJT had in the red folder?

“Evidence They Want to Ignore” – Trump Spox Liz Harrington Releases Barrage of Inconvenient Truths During Jan 6 Committee State-Run Show Trial

  • Tonight the January 6 Committee aired its first state-run show trial against President Trump on state-run television.
  • This was the first time in American history that Congress aired a committee hearing — during the prime time — on at least 8 major channels of state-promoted propaganda against the opposition party and President Donald J. Trump.
  • At the same time, President Trump’s Spox Liz Harrington released a series of fraudulent activities found in the 2020 Election.
  • Here are some of the tweets from Harrington.
  • Kicking out Republican poll watchers in Philidelphia so they couldn’t see the poll workers ‘count’ 600,000 ballots. God only knows where they came from but we do know that President Trump was up by more than 600,000 ballots on Election Night.

Widespread fraud in nursing homes where elderly who weren’t physically or mentally able to vote, voted voted in the election (no doubt for Joe Biden).

Nursing homes in WI had 95 to 100% participation rates. (impossible)

Maricopa County in Arizona (the nation’s fourth largest county) deleted voter data on voting machines the date before a 2020 Election audit was to occur. To date no one has been indicted for this crime.

7% of mail-in ballots were trafficked in Wisconsin (we saw similar numbers in a county in Pennsylvania).

In GA massive corruption.

Over 100,000 active voters in WI were registered for more than 100 years.

Tens of thousands of ballots were delivered in Detroit in the middle of the night.

WI has 4 million adults but 7 million voter registrations.

Over 50,000 phantom votes in WI.

Over 200,000 ballots in AZ with mismatched signatures.

Over 370,000 votes with missing ballot images in Georgia’s Fulton County.

More votes than voters in 15 of 17 Nevada counties.

17,000 ballots after election day that were duplicates.

Liz offers much more.

  • Note that not one single mention of this was discussed by the Jan 6 committee. These corrupt politicians should be placed in the DC Gulag not putting on a show on prime time like communist third world tyrants. 

Gregg Phillips@greggphillips

  • Everything is an info op.
  • CISA, the GA machine crap, other reports of crazy numbers…all false flags for a federal take over of elections.
  • You are being played.