Spitballer “Jytte” is at the intellectual level of Joe Lange, and often debates him. Their conversations are always interesting. This morning, Jytte wrote the following:

IMO it has never been a problem to prove election fraud in the US. The military could have proved it long ago – or even hindered it on Nov 3. 2020. 

It’s being delayed for a reason. Devolution is in play for a reason – and as I see it, the reason is not “only” to wake up the unaware, although that’s advantageous, of course. 

The Swamp is deep and wide – and I’m sure Trump is committed to draining it. The Cabal has infiltrated America, Europe, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. At least. And in those countries, they have not only infiltrated governments but media, military, “health” care, education, etc. The Swamp is huge!

I’m sure Trump is cooperating with other countries to do that. Like Russia. I think it’s part of their plan that Trump is not in office while Putin is draining part of the Swamp. 

When Putin has all the evidence of the American part of the Cabal doing bioweapon research in several countries, doing money laundering in Ukraine, doing shady/corrupt deals with puppets in NATO, UN and EU … when all that evidence is presented to the world and ignored THEN I’m sure the US military will act, arrest HRC, Bidens, Obama, and all the other Cabal puppets – and simultaneously show all the election fraud.


That’s how I see it.

Learn who Joe Lange is in this piece he wrote on Substack: