There’s something that is just too horrible to imagine: that no leading news organization will pursue the question of whether an Intelligence agency of any nation would be permitted to allow an affiliate to traffic little girls. I see 0 evidence that Epstein managed a hedge fund.

I personally don’t believe there was a hedge fund. I don’t believe Epstein was a “disgraced Financier”. I don’t believe he was ever a multi-billionaire. I don’t believe he made his own money. I don’t believe he traded currencies successfully. So: Where does this story come from?

If you’re going to report that he’s a “disgraced hedge fund manager”, go produce your evidence! Where is the evidence of this hedge fund??? Where are its trading records? Who was its prime broker? Did it focus on Carry trades? Mean Reversion? Trend following?

We Dads might at least stand together against any nation’s Intelligence Community trafficking children. If we can’t do that, I don’t know why Dads matter. And I’m convinced Dads matter. Thanks.