As the Fed continues to raise rates, the economic system is beginning to fall apart. The housing market is now tumbling to a two year low. The July 4th message the WH put up last year has now destroyed their credibility. The [CB] prepares the GND, the people are now entering an economic crossroads, decisions will be made on what they observe.

The [DS] believes they have the upper hand, (remember Sun Tzu’s lesson: appear weak while you are strong).

The [FF] in Texas is now falling apart, tick tock.  They fell right into another patriot trap.

Under the law, Trump gets equal time before the J6 Unselect committee. Panic has now set in for the corrupt politicians. Trump says he has tapes that the election was rigged, he will produce them.  He once again says he has all the information.

It’s the sting of the century.