by BioClandestine

Ukraine has fallen into a full blown Fascist Dictatorship. If having nazi military units in the Ukrainian Army wasn’t enough, now they are banning and seizing all assets of opposition political parties. This is now the 11th opposition party that Zelensky has seized assets from and banned. 

I wonder if any of the American liberals who glorify Ukraine, know that they are supporting a literal Fascist Nazi regime. The left have been calling everyone a fascist and a Nazi for 6+ years now. Everything is a “threat to Democracy”. Its rather apropos that the left are proudly flying the flag of a Fascist Nazi nation who repeatedly shits on Democracy. Where is the outcry from the left? Banning opposition so there is only one party therefore one candidate to choose from, is not very Democratic. It’s textbook Dictatorship, but what do I know. 

Could you imagine if Trump had a Nazi battalion in the US Army? Or if Trump claimed the assets of all the Democrats and banned the existence of their party? That’s the equivalent of what Zelensky is doing and the left still praise Zelensky as this beacon of freedom and Democracy. 

The left and their sheep are in a deep deep psychosis. The world they live in has no semblance of reality. Rules of their reality apply intermittently, only when it benefits the party. They have managed to convince themselves that having Nazi military units is not that big of a deal, so they will have no problem convincing themselves that banning opposing political parties is “for the greater good”. They will believe ANYTHING. 

The history books will look back and the left will have worshipped one of the most corrupt nations the world has ever known. In the end, I believe this will deter future generations from blindly believing their media.