[Rod Serling voice]

“Imagine…if you will…the utter and complete shithole that Florida would have turned into by now after a mere four years with Andrew Gillum and the Democrats in control of the state…”

Brian Cates:

Reminder who’s out to convince you Ron DeSantis is the biggest mistake MAGA has ever made.

If you can’t spot the psy-op at this point…the Matrix still has you.  

Of course, these same people have to incoherently explain how DeSantis calling national attention  to the Left’s insane grooming/gender confusion agenda is really just a clever way for him to set up MAGA for a trap.

DeSantis came within a whisker of losing the Florida governor’s race – 0.4% – to Andrew Gillum back in 2018.

If you thought the rabid Left is pissed off at Merrick Garland so far, you haven’t seen anything yet.  

Ed Buck and Gillum are people a politicized DOJ is NOT SUPPOSED TO GO AFTER.  

You’re gonna see some Lefty talking heads shrieking louder than ever that Garland needs to fired NOW.

The Colonel’s Corner:

This is how politicians launder money.