It’s become apparent that America (and other nations) have quietly been infiltrated over the years by insurgents, whose goal has been to gain control over us. Big tech, politicians and the media have conspired to control us through what could be described as a campaign of narrative warfare

The narrative of the media successfully fooled many of us. The purpose of the Great Awakening is to bring us out of our intellectual slumber, and open our eyes to the realities of institutional corruption.

As long as media outlets, institutions of higher learning, Silicon Valley companies, and other entities are allowed to continue spreading propaganda, the part of society that is under their influence will remain asleep. 

It is my personal view that at some point, patriotic factions in the US military will bring a end to the Marxist propaganda campaign. If patriots intend to win the information war, they have no other choice.

Because we’re engaged in an information war, we must expect the military to deploy some type of information warfare campaign. I would argue that Q was the first stage of that campaign, but stage II has not yet been revealed. 

My suspicion is that the military will, at the right time, assume complete control of all internet communications, domestically. This idea will come as a shock to freedom loving people. How do we justify the negation of free speech on the internet? 

It comes down to the issue of doing what is necessary to save the republic. The constitution guarantees the right to a speedy trial by a jury of one’s peers, but when martial law is declared, the right of habeas corpus is suspended. During the Bush administration, the federal government instituted a formal policy that made provision for the federal government to seize control of the internet when it serves the interest of national security.

I don’t have a clear grasp of the details at this point, but God has been speaking to me for two years about a coming time when some of the means of communications that we now take for granted will not be available.

There is no reason for fear, but I think it’s wise to pray and ask God for whether you should make preparations for these changes.


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