Think Trump knew this ahead of time?

“We have it all” – President Trump

Exclusive-U.S. probes China’s Huawei over equipment near missile silos 

  • The Biden administration is investigating Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei over concerns that U.S. cell towers fitted with its gear could capture sensitive information from military bases and missile silos that the company could then transmit to China, two people familiar with the matter said.
  • Authorities are concerned Huawei could obtain sensitive data on military drills and the readiness status of bases and personnel via the equipment, one of the people said, requesting anonymity because the investigation is confidential and involves national security.
  • Using broad new powers created by the Trump administration, the agency could ban all U.S. transactions with Huawei, demanding U.S. telecoms carriers that still rely on its gear quickly remove it, or face fines or other penalties, a number of lawyers, academics and former officials interviewed by Reuters said.


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  1. I don’t know what he knew and when, but I think he trusted too many too soon. People you would never normally believe could be such traitors. I think he has had a hard education and has learned. He is brilliant. But not to worry why be concerned about what China finds out about bases when they have Milley on their payroll and I understand he sings like a canary.

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