Just My Opinion – Joe Lange, July 28/29

July 28, 2022

How do you change things to protect elections permanently?

How do you get the blue states to change their election laws?

How do you get the people in blue states to accept the changes so there is very little violence?

These are the questions.

This is what Trump is focused on.

He’s not focused on being reinstated.

He’s not asking himself how he can get back in office.

This isn’t about another four year election.

Is the military dropping evidence and declaring Trump the winner and installing him the answer to those questions?

Do you see the problem with that?

It would change nothing in the blue states and many democrat voters wouldn’t accept it.

Here’s the answer in my opinion and what I believe has been the plan all along.

Get a court case to the Supreme Court where the evidence of a conspiracy of fraud to steal the entire election nationwide is revealed. Not just Trump’s election but all the down ballots too with help from foreign countries like China.


The entire election will be tossed and we will enter a constitutional crisis.

The military then steps in to take control.

This scenario is in my opinion the best way to get the entire nation to accept the outcome with as little violence as possible.

Most democrat voters will accept a decision by the Supreme Court. There are now only a small number of radicals who won’t as was demonstrated when Roe/Wade was overturned.

This would do several things at once.

It would expose the fraud to the world.

It would uphold the rule of law again.

It would be hard for the media to spin the narrative.

It would make it easier for normies to accept the outcome.

It would unite the people and create a groundswell of support for changes to election laws in blue states.

It will destroy the democrat party.

A new election would happen sometime afterwards after mass arrests.

All while Trump is off the stage.

A new election and Trump is the only president to win all 50 states.

Just my opinion though

July 28, 2022

I have always said that I believe Trump is still running things behind the scenes and devolution, continuity of government along with Trump setting up a shadow presidency has given me enough proof to believe it.

Biden is playing pretend president.

But there are two things happening at once.

We are fighting a war.

It’s a war against an insurgency.

In the counter insurgency manual it explains how you defeat them.

Devolution, COG and a shadow presidency are protecting the country. That’s the behind the scenes part.

The other part is very public and being fought in the media. It’s an information war.

That is where the Supreme Court decision will come in. To restore the rule of law, protect future elections and expose the enemy to the normies.

When all is exposed the game is over.

The enemy loses because they have no support and the mop up operation can commence with little resistance.

Two things happening at the same time.

July 28, 2022

He never showed the PCAPS. I believe Lindell has a role and his role was to keep the stolen election narrative in the media going and take the arrows for it.

The evidence is real but did Lindell actually have it?

I don’t think so.


July 28, 2022

Thanks Julie! I believe two things are happening at once according to the counter insurgency manual.

The devolution, COG behind the scenes and the war in the media for the hearts and minds of normies

July 28, 2022

I can totally see where you’re coming from. I just see Trump doing something completely different and for a good reason.

You are right that if we follow the constitution and rule of law then Trump is the legitimate president and should be declared the winner and Biden removed.

But the reason we are in this position in the first place is because of the American people.

We have allowed our constitution to be shredded. We have allowed our elections to be corrupted and stolen.

It has happened over many generations to get to this point.

I believe Trump is trying to change the American people and unite us like we haven’t seen since probably the founding of the country.

A new start.

He is trying to reveal it all. All the corruption, not just in elections.

Reveal everything to the light. Exposure is the only hope we have for a future where we the people are back in control.

We have to want that power again and I’m not talking about people like you and me who are already red pilled.

I’m talking about the majority of Americans who can’t stand and don’t really follow politics.

That’s what this is about.

That’s what I see happening in this unconventional war and it’s in the counter insurgency manual.

If the American people are not united in wanting their power back then Trump handing it back to them will be a temporary bandaid in my opinion.

July 28, 2022

You are right but we are both red pilled my friend.

The majority of Americans are not.

I’m in Washington State right now. Trust me. Many here are not red pilled at all.

July 28, 2022

It’s the only way as Q has said many times

July 28, 2022

I haven’t ever seen a distinction between red pilled and awake. I get it from the movie The Matrix.

I do believe you are right though because there are different red pills being dispensed. Inflation is a giant red pill but doesn’t necessarily wake people to the cabal or complete government corruption.

The time is coming when your percentage will be closer to 90% or higher. 

Everything will change.

There will no longer be a propaganda media.

There will be one message and it will be exposing truth.

It’s coming

July 28, 2022

In Washington most of the west side is liberal and almost all of the east side is conservative. There are less liberals than people know but the problem is the majority that don’t care about politics or like it that just go along with the media narrative. They don’t know any better cause they only get one message.

That will change and it will change everything

July 28, 2022

Great posts. As I’ve said, Trump is going to unite the country like never before. Over 90%.

That’s what this is all about.

Everything timed and happening at once to awaken the sleeping giant and get the American people to want their power back and not want to lose it again.

Slow process but it has to be that way.

July 28, 2022

There are people in the media who will be publicly arrested for treason. They are CIA assets controlled by the cabal.

Producers, CEO’s etc, not just TV personalities.

When arrests happen everyone will get the message fast.

It’s war.

If they actively go against the military message giving truth they will become enemy combatants.

I don’t see that happening.

There will only be truth coming out and it will change everything

July 28, 2022

I agree and ultimately I think he will be vindicated when the Supreme Court in a 9-0 decision decides to toss the election.

Even the lefty justices will know the game is over and will decide not to become enemy combatants in order to save themselves.

In my opinion anyway

July 28, 2022

I’ve never seen 20 to 30 percent. You are right. Only 4-6 percent are radical and the killing of Roe/Wade and 2nd amendment rulings proved it. 

Would anybody have guessed five years ago that if the Supreme Court overturned Roe/Wade that there wouldn’t be massive riots and burned cities across the country?

The game is coming to an end and there’s nothing the enemy can do to stop it

July 28, 2022

One thing I’ve noticed here in western Washington that is different from two years ago when I was last here.

Less poverty. It’s not as obvious as it has been in all my previous trips. It used to depress me and I would count the days till I left.

People are doing better and I know why.

Trump massive tax cuts and cuts in federal regulations.

Trump knew what was coming and did his best to insulate the American people, even in blue states

July 28, 2022

A 9-0 ruling at the Supreme Court will be game over because the media can’t spin it.

I do believe Xi is working with Trump and Putin now.

He’s joined with Putin to form the BRICS to bring down the central banks while Trump is off the stage.

China is in massive debt to the central banks and if they controlled him he wouldn’t be trying to destroy them. I do think he’s batting the CCP in his own country.

Too many coincidences for me. I think Xi is on the team in some way which makes the Taiwan situation very interesting.

July 28, 2022

Thx Melody. It’s what I see happening but I’m not an insider and I’m only spitballing

July 28, 2022

Great points. The CIA has always been the black hats controlled by the cabal.

The NSA are military intelligence and the white hats. They are at war as we speak and the CIA will cease to exist when this is all done.

Notice the CIA is hardly ever mentioned in the media since Pompeo left as head?

He found all their dark money streams and hollowed them out.

Game over

July 28, 2022

I believe Trump and the patriots already knew there wouldn’t be much riots and were showing us that the enemy has been neutered.

There will no longer be anymore riots like summer of 2020 and the enemy knows it now.

They were publicly calling for riots, even Obama.

They didn’t happen.

What does that mean?

We’ve entered the next stage.

Every man for himself.

They are beginning to turn on each other to save themselves.

Even the media reporting stories that do damage to the enemy.

The end is near.

July 28, 2022

The enemy already knows.

How do I know?

Every move they make is out of desperation.

Like a trapped animal.

They know they are only delaying the inevitable.

A suicide weekend period is coming as Q has mentioned and it will be the point where the hammer begins to drop.

July 28, 2022

Definitely and even the weapons we are giving them are old and out of date. We aren’t sending anything offensive that is top notch technology.

It’s just for a media narrative

July 28, 2022

Yes which makes Pelosi’s desperate move to go to Taiwan seem interesting.


Why now?

Taiwan has been a military industrial complex money pit for a long time.

The democrats crooked money streams are drying up and being cut off.

With the midterms coming.

What is being hidden in Taiwan?

It’s the same playbook.

The cabal installs communist dictatorships in order to create a boogeyman to all the western nations so they will feed the military industrial complex.

Russia is the enemy.

Ukraine is good.

China is the enemy.

Taiwan is good.

Everyone forgets the most important thing.

EVERYTHING changed the moment Trump became president.

The RULES of the game have completely changed.

The cabal no longer dictates the rules of the game.

They made one massive MISTAKE.

They let Trump assume the most powerful position on the planet backed by the most powerful military and central bank.

She was never supposed to lose.

The game was over the moment Trump was sworn in.

The enemy has been on the defensive ever since.

July 28, 2022

I hope his whole administration keeps it up

July 28, 2022

Never give up and never surrender.

Don’t make it easy for them

July 28, 2022

It’s war and we all must do our part in the battle.

Good to see you my friend.

I’m way behind on your substack cause I like listening to JustHuman read them but hoping to catch up soon

July 28, 2022

It’s interesting that the democrats have realized that the Fed is not on their side and want to pivot to blame them for the recession.

But what is Biden doing?

He’s claiming publicly that we aren’t in a recession.

Can you see the stitches on the fastball?

Biden is not just cutting the legs out from democrats but is going to force the media to talk about recession and make a choice.

Defend Biden’s position which is the worst scenario when you’re desperately trying to hold onto what little credibility you have with left wing viewers or slam Biden as out of touch which also destroys the democrat party?

Either way, the democrats are divided and getting the blame because Biden is the face of the democrat party.

The more Biden speaks the better.

Just more evidence to me that Biden is leveraged because of his crimes and being used to expose and destroy the democrat party completely.

Just my opinion though

…uly 28, 2022

I really appreciate that Susan. The love from everyone has made this time a lot easier and I’m forever grateful

July 28, 2022

I’m sure people have moved out but I think there is probably an influx of Californians moving here. 

But what I’m talking about is capitalism.


A lot of shopping and eating out.

A lot more newer cars.

What I’ve observed that’s different from just two years ago is less struggle in general.

Will the recession change that?

I think so because it will hit the blue states harder than the red states.

July 28, 2022

Spit Ball 

The Perfect Storm

Imagine you are one of the many millions of Americans sitting out there on the couch catching a little of the daily news.

You were never a Trump supporter.

Maybe someone who has voted democrat their whole life.

Maybe someone who doesn’t like politics but has just gone along with the media narrative their whole life because they thought it was the majority view.

Now imagine what they’ve witnessed.

They lived through the Obama years. Their hopes were dashed considerably and it showed as he had to cheat to win a second term and became more unpopular as time went on.

There’s a reason he isn’t more public.

They see Trump win a major upset according to the media, against Hillary. They see Trump’s massive crowds everywhere.

They witness a massive coordinated attack on him personally from all sides to destroy his presidency in its infancy.

They see it fail.

Through it all they see Trump do exactly what he said he would do and make America great again.

A diminished America under Obama to the beacon of freedom again and prosperous under Trump.

Now they sit there witnessing Biden as the face of the democrat party tear down everything they witnessed that was built back up.

They begin to hear about crimes committed. A conspiracy to frame Trump. Massive election fraud and in their minds they already doubt Biden ever got 80 million votes.

They begin to tune out the media as their drop in ratings proves.

And the big stuff hasn’t even been revealed yet.

Inflation got their attention. Talk of high prices is everywhere daily and now there will be talk of recession daily as the media is forced to talk about it.

The effects of a recession will hit these people hard just as big indictments, convictions and a nationwide conspiracy to steal the election are exposed.

These will be huge stories dominating all news 24/7 at about the same time.

The Perfect Storm

The result of which will be a unified country like we could have never imagined just a few years ago and the complete destruction of the democrat party.

It had to be this way but the best is truly yet to come.

July 28, 2022

He’s already made it. The plan is on schedule in my opinion

July 28, 2022

We’re going back to that with a much smaller and more efficient federal government focused on the people not the politicians

July 28, 2022

Thanks friend. 

I really appreciate you.

I’m still under the belief the election fraud will be exposed before the deadline and evidence can be legally destroyed throwing everything into question.

I haven’t changed on that.

July 28, 2022

That is why I often say it’s just my opinion.

I’m a professional Spitballer, not a great researcher.

A man’s got to know his own limitations

July 28, 2022

I have always considered her a grey hat.

I remember Q mentioning her and how she was head of operations in the UK and had to know about the Five Eyes being used to spy on Trump but it was a decision above her made by Brennan.

I think she took a deal and will be a witness against Brennan when the time is right

July 28, 2022

That’s a big deal in Washington.

Something big is coming and everyone is trying to get ahead of it.

Possible Special Counsel being appointed to look into the Biden’s?

Would that be a massive political earthquake?

JustHuman has mentioned it’s coming for awhile.

I think he’s right

July 28, 2022

They aren’t that smart.

They are in desperate last gasp moments.

It makes absolutely no sense that the enemy would expose themselves to the entire global population after generations of cultivating propaganda to keep hidden in the shadows?

That is illogical to me and clearly the cabal is in their weakest moment in history, not their strongest.

July 28, 2022

I don’t believe he’s been made Special Counsel. Only Durham is a Special Counsel

July 28, 2022

What if Garland is leveraged and has decided he doesn’t want to be an enemy combatant?

Can you imagine how massive an announcement would be by Garland to announce a Special Counsel on the Biden family?

How would the media spin that?

How would democrats spin that?

Massive red pill to normies.

July 28, 2022

Many hints toward a Special Counsel coming

July 28, 2022

I believe he’s working for Durham and has fed him all the Clinton foundation crimes.

They will be tried in Utah I believe. Not Washington DC.

Odds of conviction?


July 28, 2022

The love from you all in my time of need means more than anything and I missed the great, stimulating conversation.

This patriot community is the best

July 28, 2022

Trump is going to make those states great again my friend. 

No state left behind

July 28, 2022

Go directly to jail

July 29, 2022

I see two possible problems.

The Supreme Court once again declaring state legislatures have plenary power over elections is meaningless if it isn’t enforced. It has always existed and has not been enforced.

Who is going to force governors and Secretary of State’s in blue states to abide by the Supreme Court ruling?

The Biden DOJ?

They won’t do it.

Secondly, if the military and Trump watched the election stolen in real time which I believe they did then they wouldn’t be upholding their oath of office to protect the constitution by allowing the election and inauguration to go forward as normal.

I don’t think they did.

I don’t think the electors matter at all because they aren’t legitimate and neither was the election or inauguration.

Did Trump sign a PEAD setting aside the electoral college as PP has long suspected or did he set aside the whole election?

That’s the million dollar question.

If Trump set aside the electoral college and election then what I see makes sense.

The election doesn’t matter because it wasn’t constitutional and it will not be held to the same rules as an election that is constitutional and Biden is just playing pretend.

He’s an actor in a play.

If that’s what happened then all the rules have changed.

The possibility of a new election is very real in that scenario in my opinion.

We are close to the end game here in America. The final act of the play is imminent and Trump is letting us know.

He posted this recently on Truth Social

July 29, 2022

I still see a new election coming. First time I heard that was from Flynn. Now I’ve heard Trump mention it several times. I think several people around Trump have also mentioned it.

A new election without any cheating is how you hand power back to the people and I think it’s been the plan all along.

July 29, 2022

I think you’re missing a possibility.

If the election was null and void as I believe it is then Trump in a war of insurgency can still remain CIC during this time period till the enemy is defeated. That is what I see.

The LOW is just a manual.

It is a part of this, not the whole.

They are also following the counter insurgency manual.

So I ask myself this simple question.

If the entire election nationwide was stolen and Trump as CIC fulfilling his oath sets it aside, how do we then get back to a civilian government without a new election?

The constitution doesn’t allow for a military to choose our representatives, the people get to choose.

To me it is very simple logic.

July 29, 2022

I disagree as you know. The true vote count can never be determined and we don’t want a precedent where the military can choose our elected officials without a vote count and certification. It’s not just Trump who deserves his diamonds back. Many others on the ballot do too.

July 29, 2022

As we’ve talked about many times.

Space Force can only have data from the corrupt machines.

They can prove massive fraud but have no way of determining which ballots in every race across the country are legal or illegal without full forensic audits.

They also have no way of knowing the number of legal ballots destroyed across the country and never counted.

Think about that.

Do we want the military to set a precedent that they have evidence of fraud but no actual vote count so they will do their best to determine the winners in all the races?

I don’t think Trump even thinks that way.

I think he meant it when he said he was giving power back to the people and it will start with a new election that has no cheating and is overseen by the military with paper ballots, no machines and one day voting as Flynn suggested right after the steal.

July 29, 2022

True cause it doesn’t know the number of legal ballots destroyed and never counted.

A new election is the only way forward if we are setting precedent for the future.

July 29, 2022

Your blind spot is you only focus on Trump’s election and how he comes back.

The down ballots were stolen too.

You don’t address that because it begs the obvious question.

How do you rectify that.

Military cannot provide a total of legal ballots so they would be determining the winners in down ballot races without totals.

Do we want that to be a precedent for the future?

Will that precedent secure elections going forward?

I don’t think so.

People choose their representatives not the military.

July 29, 2022

I can answer that question.

The person who made that original Pepe image is an anon who follows things very closely.

Go take a look at Obama’s presidential portrait he had painted with him in front of the hedge and count his fingers.

Then go look at the painting of Bill Clinton in the blue dress that was hanging on the wall in one of Epstein’s mansions and count Bill’s fingers of his hand pointing.

This is Pepe saying we see your comms and here’s ours.

July 29, 2022

Count the fingers. This painting was in an Epstein mansion depicting the blue dress from Monica Lewinsky that had Bill’s DNA.

July 29, 2022

He truly loves this country and it’s people and him and his family put their lives on the line to save us.

God raised him up for such a time as this and will use him to save humanity from the grip of a cabal that has controlled the planet for far too long.

July 29, 2022

I agree and I believe Trump is following the counter insurgency manual and in there is a strategy to restore faith in government institutions.

That’s what’s happening.

They’ve gone a long way in restoring that faith in the judicial branch and I think for a good reason.

If decisions come down effecting the election it will be a lot easier to accept for normies and the goal has always been to prevent a civil war and limit the amount of riots and violence.

The civil war option is gone.

Now it’s about limiting violence.

Thus, optics are very important.

We are in a media war and narrative control is the battlefield.

July 29, 2022

Spit Ball 

The Invisible Hand

No coincidences 

Timing is everything. Take a big picture view of the playing field. Everything in America is coming to a head.

Several massive things are on a collision course that I believe is “The Storm.”

Things that are exposing the enemy like never before are happening. Their crimes being exposed for all to see and they have no way to stop it.

Things I never dreamed of happening in my lifetime.

An Invisible Hand directing a play.

Similar to a movie.

Different acts, different characters, many playing specific and very important roles.

Some are heroes and are doing it willingly, risking their own lives.

Others are being forced by the Invisible Hand to comply to complete the mission.

And the enemy being forced into traps and a corner with minimal moves that are mostly predictable and weaken them even more.

Devolution is part of this.

The military is the Invisible Hand in the background. Moving behind the scenes but hidden.

We see the effects of their work but can’t comprehend all the moving parts or the scale of this massive operation.

That Invisible Hand has forced many resignations over the past 5 years or so but look at the global picture now to get a glimpse of the power of this Invisible Hand.

How many world leaders who are puppets to the cabal have resigned or been forced out.  The number is unbelievable in such a short amount of time.

No coincidences.

Timing is everything.

The Storm is almost here.

That Invisible Hand is soon going to be very visible for the world to see in my opinion.

By Radiopatriot

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