Two friends are realtors here in Florida. One in the Fort Lauderdale area, the other on Central Florida’s Space Coast. Both tell me that blue state northerners are dumping their homes and leaving for Florida where they are paying CASH for homes here in the Sunshine State. They’ve told me there are so many offers, buyers flush with cash are outbidding each other, and the sellers are getting well over the asking price. So help me, if any of them vote Democrat (i.e. against MAGA America First), we will know it by election results, and I will personally make their lives a living hell. Just saying…

From July 2020 through July 2021:

Florida and Texas ranked highest among all states with a net migration of (+220,890/FL and +170,307/TX)

California and New York ranked lowest with a net loss of (-367,299/CA and -352,185/NY)
Source: US Census.