It’s been hours and Dr Oz has not put out even a single tweet about the illegal FBI raid on President Trump

Prayers up that AOC was safe during the raid today

Chris Wray couldn’t even wait a full week after his Senate hearing to launch his attack.  No doubt this was timed to fall after his hearing and before the “90 days”

We have now reached the point where the regime’s secret police will raid their chief opposition candidates and call it ‘defending democracy’

Did You Know: 

During the Church Committee hearings the FBI admitted 2,000 members of the KKK were working for them


Maybe we should tell the FBI the Epstein client list is in Mar-a-Lago so they actually do something about it

Movies and TV shows about the FBI/CIA are fairytales for adults

Have all the Trump VP hopefuls gotten their statements out on time? We are well past the deadline.

Do not donate one cent to the RNC until they commit to FBI reform

J Edgar Hoover smiling down in the heat today that his legacy is being carried on

We now know the judge who signed off on the Mar-a-Lago raid was Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer. Don’t question it!

Investigate Merrick Garland

Are you paying attention yet?

Xi has a free shot on goal right now

If you’ve spent any time in Cuba, Venezuela, the Middle East, or post-Soviet countries etc you know what comes next

We have entered the Guns of August

Biden Admin scrambling to tell BlueAnon members of Congress to not spike the football over the Trump raid and make moderates turn even further, per WH staffer. Schiff, Lieu, Swalwell, The Squad, Hirono, Murphy, etc

‘The Left plays to win and the Republicans just play’: Posobiec and Charlie Kirk blast Tim Scott’s comments on FBI Mar-a-Lago raid

And just like that Biden got everyone to stop talking about the recession

I don’t know who needs to hear this but Ron Paul has been talking about disbanding the FBI and abolishing the Fed for longer than many of you have been alive

“I’m sure the judge took this matter very seriously” 

The judge:

Take back Congress and impeach Garland

Donald John Trump will be the 47th President of the United States