Trump’s Campaign and Presidency were a honeytrap for the Deep State.

And it worked/is working brilliantly.

Just Human

I just spent two-plus hours listening to Kyle’s Just Human show.

It’s a “don’t miss it” show.

Here’s the link if you’re interested.

I think after you read the following, you’ll want to.

Just Human can be found on TELEGRAM and @ links below 👇

This is one smart self-described “nerd” who is one of the Anons who LOVE diving in and researching everything he can get his hands and eyes on. And I totally get it. He’s figured things out that many of us have suspected too, and it is so good to know I’m not alone in my deductions about what’s happening behind the scene.

I’m heading now to someone Just Human (Kyle) highly recommended — his “go to” person, a superb researcher named DawsonSField on Twitter. Here’s the topic discussed tonight — one of many Field threads that dug up Trump’s little known background as bait to catch the worst of the worst.

But first, this accolade…

Ready? Here we go…


Show THis THrEAD:

There’s MUCH MORE to this thread, but I think you get the idea. Trump, his father, and his grandfather have been informants for the FBI for decades. You really would benefit from listening to Just Human’s program streamed earlier this evening. For many it is a HUGE “aha!” moment.

Here’s the link to the rest of this thread:

Here’s the link to listen to Just Human’s 8/10/22 show on Rumble: