From THE PIT, Part 1 – New York Voter Fraud


Weaponizing the Voter Rolls

“This is somewhat heavy math and may not be understandable for most folks. Here is the cliff notes version of the assertions.” – Pete Santilli

1. The voter ID encodes information about the voter rather than it just being a sequential number assigned at random.

2. These encoded patterns on the voter id is a complex system of 6 layers.

3. That ID can tell an outside application if this particular record is a fake registration.

4. If the outside application is connected to the voter roll, fake mail in ballots can be assigned to the fake registrant.

5. The key holders to this system control the outcome to every election in NY.

6. 38% of the state assembly has more votes cast from phantom voters than the margin of victory.

7. This approach of managing voter rolls is apparently used in the Middle East to control election outcomes.

8. This citizens group has identified ~ 3MM absolutely fake registrants and votes with EVIDENCE from this analysis.

9. In order to find these patterns, you need to use a database with a very powerful computer and look at the entire state rolls, Excel is not going to cut it.

10. New York is NOT a member of ERIC.

Saturday, August 13th, 2022, Right Side Broadcasting Network live streamed TRUE THE VOTE’s event called The Pit.

I am still processing the information from the PIT. The recorded public session is now available here.

At the 3:13:00 mark, is the presentation given by NY Citizens Audit Group. The article is also here.

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