Bill Maher is a loser. FBI Brian Auten gets his.

BREAKING NEWS: DC-area Patrick Henry College has confirmed to me that it has removed embattled FBI Supervisory Intelligence Analyst Brian Auten from its faculty, where Auten had taught courses on nat’l security for several years, after Auten was exposed as the analyst who in 2020 iced the FBI’s probe of material found on Hunter Biden’s laptop by claiming it was “Russian disinformation,” even though it was verifiably true

Auten was also the unnamed Crossfire Hurricane team member singled out for rebuke in the Horowitz report for rubber-stamping the debunked Hillary-paid dossier to swear out wiretap warrants on a Trump adviser even though he knew allegations in the dossier were bogus

Auten’s currently under investigation by both Special Counsel Durham & the FBI’s OPR

By Radiopatriot

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  1. DO not see this anywhere in the news fake or real about Auten. Only your post! Can you tell me where i can read the actual confirmation of this?

    Thank You :O)

  2. My buddy Brian J Auten, the great Conservative Christian Hypocrit has been at the center of one of the greatest political AND religious witch hunts in American history. The efforts.of Brian and the frat boys (+girls), are responsible for the greatest decline in security and economics our nation has seen in almost 100 years. They may even be partially responsible for starting WWIII and the dissolution of the Republic.

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