by Brian Cates

The Chuck Dolan-Aleksej Gubarev Relationship Could Be Explosive

Did Steele Lie Under Oath About Where He Got the Gubarev Allegation In His Dossier?

Briefly, let’s go over what Durham is going to establish in the courtroom with evidence in this upcoming trial, currently slated to begin on October 11: 

1) The FBI took what it knew were fake allegations of Trump/Russia collusion from a suspected Russian spy [that’s Danchenko, for those of you in Rio Linda] who was working for the Hillary Clinton For President campaign. 

2) The FBI then used these fake allegations in a FISA warrant to accuse Trump and key people around him of being Russian agents

3)  Danchenko lied in a series of interviews with the FBI as he tried to hide real sources of the dossier allegations and proffer to the agents at least one fake source. 

4) While knowing Danchenko was a suspected Russian spy and all the allegations were fake, and that he was lying to them while they interviewed him from January 2017 thru September of that year, the FBI Crossfire Hurricane team renewed the Carter Page warrant two more times. 

5) Longtime Clinton family flunky and political operative Chuck Dolan is the source for at least 2 of the Trump/Russia collusion allegations that appear in the Steele Dossier.  I suspect but cannot yet prove that it was Dolan who gave Danchenko and Christopher Steele the name of Aleksej Gubarev. 

[You can read about that theory here: ]

Steele has been claiming for going on 5 years now he just picked Gubarev’s name at random off of the old CNN iReports website’s blog.  That story never really made any sense. It’s likely he got the name from Dolan. 

6) Some of the non-public data that was stolen off of federal databases by Clinton’s private cyber spies Rodney Joffe & Co. ended up in the Steele dossier.  The dossier contains in it a claim that former Trump Org. lawyer Michael Cohen went to Prague to pay off hackers.  Turns out cell phone pings stored in federal databases did show a Michael Cohen in Prague at the designated time. But it wasn’t the right Michael Cohen. 

Durham is using these first 2 trials on minor charges to establish the criminal conspiracies that were engaged in to drive the RussiaGate hoaxes.

Once he’s done laying it all out, the conspiracy indictments will start being unsealed.