“This is a flag of surrender for covid.”  

Well said, Qstradamus 👏 — Just Human

Yesterday, Rand Paul posted that he WILL get to the bottom once they gain a majority. 

This is exactly why Fauci is resigning, in my opinion. 

Omicron destroyed their original plans.

The CDC seems to be waving the white flag on plandemic. 

They clearly do not have the kind of disease needed to push their agenda forward. 

Monkeypox is a dud. 

To me, this is winning. 

Fauci sees the writing on the wall. Republicans will control congress after the midterms and he’s preparing to defend himself from a Rand Paul lead onslaught. 

Our enemies appear to be losing momentum.

The CDC and Fauci are retreating.

— Ultra Pepe Lives Matter


The MAGA Red Tsunami this November can bring in a House and Senate ready and willing to investigate every damn thing this monster did. 

All we gotta do is SHOW UP to the polls and VOTE!

–Just Human