Our country faces an energy crisis that threatens the prosperity of millions of people! And what is the answer of the green father #Kretschmann ? Don’t shower every day: “The #Waschlappen (washcloth) is also a useful invention”. What kind of people actually govern Germany?


Greta Thunberg Cult Has Gone ‘Bust’: Sky News

  • Greta Thunberg’s guilt-trip climate shame tour appears to have hit the wall, as green pipe dreams with zero practical solutions meet the realities of, well, reality.
  • Or, as Sky News Australia’s Andrew Bolt puts it; “A mere child, full of rage, obsessed with doom, totally devoid of any practical solutions – but here she was lecturing the world on how to fuel their 21st century economies.”
  • Over the past year, Thunberg’s movement – described by Bolt as a “cult” – has fizzled out.

Biden Admin Moves To Fund Canadian Mines While Blocking US Mining Efforts

  • The Biden administration is considering funding the Canadian mining and metal industry as it is desperate to acquire more rare earth minerals to build renewable energy technologies; however, the administration has previously blocked the development of U.S. mining efforts, according to E&E News.
  • The move to acquire minerals from outside the U.S. comes amid the Biden administration’s repeated efforts to prevent domestic mining developments. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced in May that it would review a proposal that dealt a significant blow to the Pebble Project, an Alaska mining project that would produce about 1.5 billion tons of critical minerals over 20 years. Additionally, Biden’s Interior Department (DOI) canceled two mineral leases belonging to the Twin Metals Mine in Minnesota in January, halting the mine’s construction.


  • Natural Gas prices rise to their highest levels since 2008, quadrupling over the last two years.
  • This is the largest source of electricity generation (38%) and home heating (60%) in the US.