Bannon and Steve Cortes talk about the incompetence of the “top economists” who missed the signs of oncoming economic collapse.

Bullshit. I don’t understand why they’re not telling the truth — it isn’t incompetence — it is by design.

The guys who are ruining our country economically know EXACTLY what and they’re doing — and why. They’re setting up the collapse of the US to ready it for the GREAT RESET.

I just don’t get why Bannon and Cortes are not saying that. They keep ascribing our dire economic situation to incompetents.

Not so, guys.

These guys are not incompetent. Obama and their leftist globalists have a plan. This is by design.

How else would you collapse a powerhouse country — the USA — to reduce it to a satellite state of the global monsters?

Smash the economy. Take away our energy supply. Stream illegals (comprised of criminals, traffickers, cartels who want to destroy us) from all over the world across our borders.



Come on, Bannon and Cortes. Tell it like it really is. Biden is an empty shell. You know the truth. Now say it. Tell us who is REALLY doing this to us.