We also have a flock of Canada geese living near our home in Maine. We enjoy their honks as they fly overhead every evening on their way to their nesting fields upriver from us. It’s a daily tradition that we note every time they fly by, indicating with their honks that the day is at an end and evening not far behind.

From my mailbox:

Barb WRITES: We started out with 3 wild Canada Geese in 1999, and they increase each year via new births, although some die naturally. The criminal Mexicans who live here by me illegally love to shoot them with their AR-15’s that they bought at the border. 

They also shoot at my 3,000 migrating beautiful wild ducks who live here at my ranch during Winter months.    

I call the Sheriff and they say they can’t catch them in the act so they can’t arrest them. I spend money feeding the water fowl year round, giving the crummy lawless illegals nice target practice. 

What a pox upon the Earth these people are!

My neighbors all record with motion cameras the Mexicans prowling around the neighborhood, stealing cars, stealing pets, they steal the copper tubing from air conditioner units and sell it. They phone the Sheriff, they won’t come and do anything, saying they are too busy with bigger Mexican crimes. –  Barb