The Sting – How Kayfabe came to DC

Remember how Trump said, “I caught them all. No one could have done it except me.”

This is how. It was ALWAYS a Sting.

If you think it is just a coincidence that the very same people Trump and his Org worked with in the 1980’s to bust criminals ended up in his DOJ from 2016-2020… kek.

“If the 1980s legal world was characterized by those mega fraud cases litigated by FBI director Robert Mueller, his #2 James Comey, and New York DA Rudy Giuliani, all under the eyes of AG Bill Barr and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, with the Trump brothers as primary secret informants — well, if the old team sticks together til the end, we’re all just watching a movie. These are all the same guys from thirty years ago — they worked together then, they’re working together now”

Tick Tock

— Just Human


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