They’re caught in a trap 
They can’t walk out 
Because they love Moloch too much, hey hey
Why can’t you see 
What they’re doing to you and me
When we don’t believe the lies they’re saying?

Schiff is asking some questions that all of us want the answer to. 

It appears he doesn’t know the detail that the “foreign nuclear program” docs are pertaining to the Iran Nuclear Deal. Meaning these docs are about OBAMA. 

The Left have taken the bait, hook, line, and sinker. Now all of their sheep are eagerly anticipating that Trump is really going down this time, only to be led to Obama’s skeletons in the closet. 


👆👆👆I’d add that if this current reporting is true – and it might be just another fake leak – the documents the FBI was so determined to seize had to do with the Iran Deal that Obama and Joe Biden got rammed through without a vote in the US Senate.  

Pallets of cash and other shenanigans went on.  If Trump declassified it all and had a cache of documents detailing the bribery and under the table deal-making that went on to get the Iran Deal done, I can certainly see how Joe Biden would be desperate to get those documents back.

👆👆👆Reminder, Biden is trying to get the Iran Deal he and Obama negotiated started back up after Trump ended it.  

Assuming this report from WaPo has any accuracy in it, we’re back to trying to save the Iran Deal as being the reason for the raid.

With this leak, the FBI/DOJ is virtually DARING Federal Judge Aileen Cannon to sanction them.

  • by Brian Cates

Think about it…

The day Iran lifted a satellite in the sky, the UK was talking about where to cut wood for winter.