While the unawakened mind was not directly responsible for the COVID lockdowns and all their significant and as-yet-undiscovered fallout, their tacit and sometimes even open and aggressive defense of and support for said lockdowns served as a sobering, necessary reminder of just how far many will go to preserve the illusory paradigm he or she resides within, whether or not that paradigm ultimately serves them, and regardless or in spite of whether or not that paradigm is true.

Herein, we begin to grasp the oft-repeated truism around these parts that, in order to wake from the deepest of psychological sleeps, sometimes one must be shaken. And if a gentle nudge and rock doesn’t do the trick, more steady hands and more firm, uncompromising will must be employed.

After all, if we are truly to usher the collective west—and then the collective sovereign world—into a new and ostensibly brighter future with eyes unclouded by fear, control and poisonous apathy, surely we require a Collective Mind that is not only willing to accept information that clashes with its accepted, pervading paradigm, but which is functionally able to load a new paradigm into its place.

I believe this will require a hard reset of sorts, of the Collective Mind, and, as I have argued in the past at Burning Bright, I believe the surest path to an all-encompassing catharsis can only come through trauma.

As for whether or not I believe the dramatic ‘Scare Event’ to follow is forthcoming or not, I am of two minds about it. That said, I do believe it is something that has been and is being considered, if the combined psychological impacts of the 2020-22 Crisis Cascade—from COVID-19 to Taiwan Tensions to Russia’s Invasion to the US Financial Collapse to the emergent EU Energy Crisis to ongoing reveals of Election Fraud and Institutional and Governmental Corruption—proves unable to provide a firm enough shake of the Collective Mind in order to render it fertile enough to accept the disclosures, reveals and percolating paradigm that will be revealed in the coming years.

by Burning Bright