@Qonas17 sent me an amazing archived link for PollChief…..it’s scrubbed now, but if you go look around, THEY THEMSELVES state most of the counties that have PollChief contracts with them as of 2020.

It’s literally a goldmine of information!

They even have the 22 County Seals scrolling across the bottom of the screen & testimonials from county leaders that have used PollChief.

I’m am election poll worker, so out of concern for namely my children, I called my Attorney General & Sec of State.

They said we do not use PollChief, but are “doublechecking” & calling me back.

I encourage everyone to do the same.

At the very least it will let them know that “ALL EYES ARE ON” the November Midterms

It’s an easy action that we can take to help fight against election cheating or foreign interference & finally hold our elected officials accountable.


@JustHuman_7 @drawandstrike @realX22report

Documented & archived “straight from the source’s mouth”……that’s the absolute BEST kind of source you can have! ♥️