“I’m a 61 year old grandmother hyper focused on a mission!

Knowing they would use lockdowns in order to full throttle the cheat schemes, I began researching each states voter roll issues, prior to 2020 election. Was relieved to learn that Judicial Watch had successfully sued several states & initiated a clean-up of their voter rolls. But that was only the tip of the iceberg!

In 2020, U.S. counties had millions more registered voters than eligible voting-age citizens. This was using each states online registration data compared to Census Bureau’s 5 year population estimates. NC & PA alone had 2 million inactive voters on rolls!

Common sense told me that states with plandemic special vote by mail was a welcome mat to fraud! I have been wide awake since then & cannot rest until we make this right!

My political husband is patient with my obsession & he tells me that he’s hopeful that Devolution is real. I have difficulty focusing on anything else but the fraudulent election, Jan. 6 setup, 2 tiered justice, Durham investigations, etc. If I didn’t have faith & hope (and TG,TS), I honestly don’t know how I could get out of bed each day! We MUST never allow this to happen again! We were complacent & allowed them to get this far! Question everything, get loud & most importantly…VOTE!! United…we are unstoppable!”

— AJ4Devolution

TG = Telegram, TS=TRUTH Social