Polling shows encouragement. – Baris

Nevada’s Laxalt way up… the undecideds are tightening…only post-grads going for D’s. Anything below that is a blow-out for Laxalt and Joe Lombardo.

AZ – Kari Lake pulling away! Abe Hamedah, pulling away. (Katie Hobbs is hiding in a bathroom). Kari Lakes’ draft is picking up Blake Masters. Phoenix has highest inflation in the nation.

Emerson and Marquette polling was holding back, but now “all of a sudden!” they’re telling the truth. Oops, up six (Marquette). Ron Johnson leading, big lead 6 points.

Ohio – JD Vance will win.

Pa and GA are other two to add to the slate.

Bannon said AOC and her group will be reduced to a rump party after the upcoming election.