Bio Clandestine tells it like it is, and he has plenty to tell.

“Seriously, if you’re a Trump supporter, but also think Q is fake/disinfo, then you have an existential crisis on your hands.

Trump has been directly quoting and alluding to Q, not just a little bit, but A LOT. So many times, it’s mathematically impossible to be an accident.

So either Trump is behind Q, or Trump is an idiot/enemy and shaped his entire platform to circulate around some disinformation psyop.

Anti-Q Trump supporters are now a walking contradiction and few of them know it.”


Trump and White Hats obviously recognized morale took a shot due to the doomer narrative running rampant after the Danchenko verdict.

So Trump had to unload some pretty blatant comms to reinvigorate the base.

“Taiwan Next”

“4-D Chess”

Dropped a couple forced “17s” in there

Dropped a couple air Q’s

So either you trust Trump and believe he is playing 4-D chess and white hats have control, or Trump is misleading us and consistently quoting and alluding to a disinformation psyop.

Can’t be both. 


The DNC know they are going to get trounced in the midterms, so they are going to claim the election system is compromised, and thus the results of the upcoming midterms are illegitimate.

They don’t have mass mail-in ballots like they did in 2020. Drop boxes are under surveillance. They know they can’t manufacture enough fraudulent votes this time.

They spent the last 2 years telling us that our election system is 100% secure. 

Now 2 weeks before a Red wave, elections are a NATSEC threat 😂


The Biden admin are now shamelessly abusing Executive power in a last-ditch effort to maintain control of their brainwashing/election interference tool, otherwise known as Twitter.

The Biden admin have declared Elon Musk’s takeover a threat to National Security, under the premise that he “tweeted a peace plan that seemed to parrot Kremlin talking points”.

Anything that is negative for the DNC is a threat to NATSEC.


Biden Abuses NATSEC Powers to Interfere in Twitter Deal

Biden and the DNC have gone full-blown totalitarian dictatorship, and have now declared that they will use Executive powers to prevent Elon Musk from purchasing Twitter, via a National Security Review. They are suggesting that Elon Musk, a private citizen, purchasing a private company, is a threat to National Security…

Why would Trump PUBLICLY congratulate Bolsonaro on a runoff? 

Doesn’t really seem something to be excited about, especially as the incumbent who almost had an election stolen from a far-left maniac.

Trump could have done it privately, but he made sure to make it a public spectacle. Why?

Because Trump wants us to pay attention to the situation in Brazil. The “congratulations” wasn’t for Bolsonaro, it was for us. Trump is drawing eyes onto the situation.

This reeks of a white hat op.


The general public are being normalized to expect an upcoming Cuban Missile Crisis level-event.

Myself and others have been suggesting this will end with Trump being the savior of the upcoming “scare event”, which will prove to the normies that Trump is a great leader and not the man the media claim him to be. Which will grant him the global support he needs to make lasting changes to this world, as well as hold the perpetrators accountable. 

It’s coming. This is the avenue to Justice. 


JUST IN – Nuclear “Armageddon” threat back for the first time since Kennedy and the Cuban missile crisis, Biden says at a fundraiser in  New York City.

Putin “is not joking when he talks about potential use of tactical nuclear weapons or biological or chemical weapons,” he added.


The mere fact that Hunter’s investigation was not shut down immediately, proves to me that White Hats pull the strings.

The fact that Hunter is about to be indicted less than a month from the midterms, confirms it even more so.

Biden could have come in and shut the investigation down immediately. Yes, some would have complained about it, but the sheep wouldn’t have even noticed.

All of what we are witnessing simply would not be happening if the old guard were in control.


Investigation into Crimean Bridge attack, indicates that Ukrainian Special Forces are behind the act of terror. 

Putin clarifies the ongoing air strikes in Ukraine are a response to the myriad of terrorist attacks directed at Russian infrastructure.

Russia are striking “military, energy, and communication installations”. 

Putin declares any further escalations will result in a “harsh and commensurate” response.

I vividly remember receiving flak from the community for pointing out that Tulsi on our side.

She was the ONLY politician to speak out on the reality of US funded biolabs in Ukraine.

She just called the Dems a “warmongering cabal”.

Hell she guest-hosted Tucker 😂

Tulsi may have had a D next to her name this whole time, but she was echoing pro-Trump narratives the ENTIRE TIME.

The timing of this flip is 100% to maximize damage to the DNC before the midterms.

Double agents go both ways.


Folks, I see so many people in the community use the word “trust”.

As in you don’t “trust” Elon, or don’t “trust” Tulsi, etc.

Who said anything about “trusting” anyone? And what is it you are “trusting” them with, exactly? 

I am merely pointing out realities. And the reality is, characters like Elon and Tulsi have been pulverizing our enemies, and appear to be doing so DELIBERATELY.

Tulsi is swinging centrist voters red, and providing headlines and narratives beneficial to us, leading up to the midterms.

She’s an ally. That does not mean that I “trust” her, or anyone for that matter. 

I’m merely observing who’s actions are benefiting us, and recognizing trends. 

And let’s say, theoretically, one was to “trust” Tulsi, or Elon, or Trump, and it turns out they were actually Deep State rat like many of you all claim.

What would you have lost from putting your “trust” in them? What would you have gained? Absolutely nothing either way. 

We are all completely powerless bystanders when it comes to the events that are unfolding. NCSWIC is not just a catch phrase, it means NOTHING can stop what is coming, and that includes the high improbability that Tulsi is a Deep State agent looking gain your “trust”.

All we can do is point out what is actually happening, and what is actually happening is Tulsi just dealt a well-timed, calculated blow to the DNC before the midterms, with time for the media cycle to influence centrist voters, and is doing so by rightfully calling the Biden regime a “warmongering cabal” and denouncing pushing us into proxy wars and pushing us into nuclear destruction, etc. 

This situation is the same as you being jumped on the streets, and some stranger jumps in and throws a haymaker to one of the guys jumping you. 

You don’t know this guy, but he just punched your assailant right in the face. You don’t necessarily “trust” him, but he just showed you he’s on your side by defending you. If he wasn’t on your side, he would have punched you instead. Or left you to get beaten. 

If Tulsi wanted to deal damage to Trump/MAGA before the midterms, she would have done so. She also could have just remained silent. But instead, she intentionally inflicted damage to Biden and the Dems. And she’s been doing so rather consistently for years now.

If her dealing massive damage to the Dems before the most important election in history, is just a ruse to trick you into “trusting” her… well I’d say we win that exchange 😂 


For those who don’t trust Wikipedia, here’s an article and archives confirming Tulsi’s move to the 351st Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command (Airborne) Unit in California Army Reserves. 

Tulsi moved to the Psychological Operations Command in June 2020. 

She’s involved in US MIL psyops, she’s helping combat anti-Russian propaganda, and one of the few bringing attention to the fact that the DNC have Biolabs in Ukraine.

Here she is assisting “(Q-Tribe)” as part of the 351st PSYOP Command. 

Y’all… wake up. 


And for all the Facebook moms freaking out over this photo of Tulsi making a triangle with her hands…

This is not an “illuminati” symbol. It’s in reference to the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Protests, where indigenous Hawaiians protested the placement of a massive $1.4 billion telescope on sacred Hawaiian land near the dormant volcano of Mauna Kea. 

Tulsi was paying respects to the indigenous Hawaiians from her home state. Jason Mamoa and the Rock did it too. 

The Tulsi-phobia needs to stop.


The only way to wake up the brainwashed, is to show them sharp contrast in quick succession. And the best way to get the sheep’s attention, is to impact their bottom line.

Whether by design or whether it incidental, the American People have seen the sharp contrast between quality of life with and without Trump.

The speed at which the Biden regime inflated the cost of living will cause deep sleepers to recognize something is wrong.

Before it used to happen gradually. Now it’s very apparent.


The optics for Biden are terrible.

He is weaponizing law enforcement to go after citizens and political adversaries, and intervening in private enterprise. Ya know, like Fascism.

This also proves the strategic value of Twitter, thus the fierce struggle for control of it.

As we’ve seen in the past, it is a powerful election interference weapon. With the ability to alter perceived reality via censorship and propaganda, which has swayed millions of votes (Hunter’s Laptop).

I smell desperation.

-Clandestine — JUST IN – Elon Musk is being investigated by US federal authorities for his conduct in connection with the acquisition of Twitter.

On Oct. 14, Clandestine wrote:

We are 25 days out from the midterms, and the October surprises are beginning to roll out.

Nancy Pelosi has a full documentary crew following her around everywhere, and the Dems appear to be going all-in on Jan 6th, hoping to generate enough emotional response to swing voters in their favor.

This tells me they have absolutely nothing.

If Trump was going to be indicted, they wouldn’t have to go to these lengths to convince the sheep that Jan 6th was worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

The Biden regime and the DNC have: 

-Ruined the economy

-Weaponized law enforcement and the media to attack political adversaries

-Censored truth and amplified disinformation

-Indoctrinated and sexualized our children 

-Dragged us into a proxy war with Russia and soon to be China

-Pushed our world to the brink of nuclear destruction

And now they are going to spend the next 4 weeks telling you how the man pictured above is the greatest threat to the American People, and not them. 


Red.Pill.Pharmacist ☆☆☆

Devin Nunes- #ObamaClintonBiden

Nunes’ civilian role has been as Trump’s narrative setter. Guiding the community with the talking points and points of emphasis, as well as briefing the public on what is actually happening.

Nunes is suggesting that Garland is blocking Durham from bringing charges to Deep State players.

This clear politicization of the “Justice” system paints Biden and the Dems as the Fascists they are, as well as opens the door for serious changes, and justifies the need for Military intervention. TREASON!


It’s starting to happen. Even the Left-wing media are starting to recognize that Trump is going to resolve this situation and be the hero.

Notice the extensive “nuclear” talk creeping into all echo chambers. The public have been conditioned to believe we are at threat of nuclear war.

Enter Trump stage left.

Trump brokers peace, and the sheep will have no choice but to accept that Trump prevented nuclear war.

All controlled.


Putin’s nuclear threats are pushing people like Trump and Elon Musk to press for a Ukraine peace deal. A nuclear expert warns that’s ‘dangerous.’

Responding to Russia’s nuclear brinkmanship with a peace deal that serves Moscow’s interests could encourage future atomic threats, an expert warns.

General Flynn’s comments here are rather revealing, specifically the C19 comment.

I asked General Flynn on Truth Social for clarification on these comments, when he’s said we would have “never had this foolishness with Covid”, were he to have remained National Security Advisor. 

Does he mean the US’s response to C19? Or does he mean he could have prevented C19 altogether? 

If he means the latter, that provides further confirmation that not only was C19 man-made and released intentionally, but that he as National Security Advisor had the ability to stop it, confirming that elements within our government have known about the ongoing biological malfeasance for quite some time, and did nothing to stop it/allowed it to happen.  


Do you find yourself upset about the Danchenko verdict?

Do you think all hope is lost because a low-level Russian spy paid for by Hillary escaped charges for lying to the FBI?

If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, allow me to assist.

Durham’s role is much more significant than simply “prosecutor”. His role is to brief the public on a broader conspiracy.

See my full analysis on the Danchenko verdict here!

Every single person who is saying Durham is done, is directly accusing Trump of feeding us false hope. 

Trump doesn’t do things haphazardly. He retruthed this for a reason. 

WHY? Because he was alerting to us that Durham still has more to come. 

If you believe Trump is wrong/lying/misleading us, then what does that make you for supporting him?

Trump is suggesting more is to come from Durham. And if you don’t trust Trump at this point, then let me tell ya… y’all are in the WRONG place. 


The ones screaming that “the sky is falling”, said the same thing when Sussman didn’t get convicted. 

Yet here they are, still on social media, crying about how the world is hopeless, when they said they were going to give up. 

We will get a big win, and the black pillers will be right back in line like they never doubted. 

I’m taking receipts on who tied all their hope to the Danchenko conviction, because I’m not gonna let y’all celebrate the next win when it comes. 


Well, would you look at that. 

Tulsi supporting Kari Lake, and endorsing her before the upcoming midterms. And much of Tulsi’s comments align with Trump’s agenda. 

And Kari is reciprocating the friendliness with Tulsi. 

Trump and the conservative community absolutely ADORE Kari Lake.

Does this mean Kari Lake is now an enemy, because she is aligned with the “WEF/Illuminati/DS agent” Tulsi? 

Is this part of Tulsi’s master plot to “get” the Trump base? 🙄

Folks, Tulsi is a friendly. Accept it.


I’ve shown my following these tweets of Tulsi denouncing the WEF in the past, but nobody cared cuz she had a D next to her name. She also clarifies that the WEF put her information up on their website without her permission, thus why she had it taken down.

She has consistently denounced the WEF, globalism, the “Great Reset”, all of it. 

Literally all of this community’s fears about Tulsi are based on falsely labeled memes, suggesting she’s WEF and Illuminati. 

Both of which are simply false.


There are two options here.

A) Kari Lake and her campaign team are stupid and unaware for affiliating with Tulsi, because Tulsi is WEF/Illuminati/Satanist/Deep State


B) Those memes you saw about Tulsi were inaccurate…

I’ve given you all ample evidence confirming that B) is the clear option.

Any further dissent is willful denial at this point.

If Tulsi was a rat, you’d know it, cuz Trump would have posted a string of truths about it and given Tulsi a derogatory nickname.


To be clear, my position on the Tulsi situation is not out of fandom, but because it is imperative that we as a community recognize all variables in this complex equation if we intend to solve it. 

And if Tulsi is on our side/always has been, wouldn’t that prove that coordination and infiltration is in play, by forces in opposition to the Deep State? 

Meaning that there is resistance to the Deep State. Meaning there IS a plan and it’s STILL being carried out. 

Coordination reveals intent.


Trump just acknowledged that the Durham trials have served an important role in exposing the plot and bringing this crime to the forefront.

This is not about Sussman, Danchenko, or Clinesmith; this is about corruption at the highest levels of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, State Dept, Obama White House, and the Clinton Campaign. 

Recognize that this operation is not about convicting a Russian spy of process crimes. This operation is about public awakening/realization of a broader treasonous conspiracy.


Russia, China, and many of their allies, filed a Joint Statement today, pushing to enact Article VI of the Biological Weapons Convention, which would begin the cooperative UN investigation of the US/Ukrainian violations of the International Biological Weapons Treaty. 

These State Parties also address the flaws in the mechanics of the BWC, lobbying for solutions at the upcoming Ninth Review of the BWC in Nov/Dec.

Recognize the patterns:

-New report on massive criminality via Hunter’s Laptop

-CDC pushing to mandate harmful covid shots for public schools

-DOJ/FBI corruption and weaponization of law enforcement

-Economic collapse/depression

It appears the public are being emotionally charged and therefore more motivated to vote Red. 

Combine this with Kanye, Elon, Tulsi, and Candace Owens dipping into new echo chambers and swinging voters our direction.

3 weeks out? Timing.

A plan is being executed.


I’ve had a lot of people ask me about Boston University and their biological experimentation.

It didn’t really captivate me, because this, and FAR worse, is happening all over the world, every day, under the guise of “defensive research”.

They take viruses, make them more volatile, then study how to defend against these viruses in case someone else uses them. But in the process, they are creating a bioweapon.

But normally, they don’t celebrate or draw attention to it 🤔

Which has me confused.


Conversely, what is it the Left have accomplished? 

Have they advanced their agenda or motivated their base? 

What are their talking points? What can the DNC point to, that has their supporters excited to vote?

We are less than 3 weeks out from the midterms, and it feels like the Left are void of a defined objective or purpose.

They have no platform. Their only hope is to convince enough sheep that Trump is a threat, and the only way to stop him is to vote blue. 

This is all they have. 


Nunes suggests that Durham still has more to come and that there is significance to his final report. 

Nunes suggests this report will result in a GOP-led Congressional Commission to do a full-scale investigation of the FBI as a whole.

Sussman and Dankchenko weren’t actually the ones on trial. It was the FBI. 

Durham brought the FBI malfeasance forward, so that the proper body (Congress) could justify removing the FBI altogether.

Perfectly timed, as an America-First GOP claims Congress 👀


The public are repeatedly being shown that the Biden admin will opt to abuse the intelligence community to go after political opponents. 

The more instances of blatant totalitarian activity we can point to, the easier it will be to justify the necessary actions that await the Deep State players.

The History books will be lined with the copious instances of DNC dictatorial behavior, so that future generations are deterred from adopting the Liberal ideology.

Short and long-term objectives being carried out simultaneously.


he Biden admin are now shamelessly abusing Executive power in a last-ditch effort to maintain control of their brainwashing/election interference tool, otherwise known as Twitter.

The Biden admin have declared Elon Musk’s takeover a threat to National Security, under the premise that he “tweeted a peace plan that seemed to parrot Kremlin talking points”.

Anything that is negative for the DNC is a threat to NATSEC.


First reactions from the press conference:

-Not a single mention of elections. The crimes the FBI prevented were pretty… weak. It’s a slap in the face how they mentioned all the ways China seeks to infiltrate the US, but not a whisper about elections or actual threats to NATSEC (Konnech). Almost felt like a cover-up.

-Garland, and the other 2 DOJ brass, all repeatedly referred to these acts as coming from the PRC, didn’t mention CCP. While Wray did the opposite and repeatedly said CCP not PRC.



There is a clear distinction between the CCP and the PRC.

White Hats like Grassley and Pompeo, put out anti-CCP comms on the same day as Russia, on 8/2/22. 

Black Hats claim it’s the PRC, and not CCP. 

How could the AG and FBI director call the enemy by two conflicting names in the same press conference?

Grassley, Wray, and Pompeo (Kansas) were all people we were told to trust. 

Is it a coincidence they all refer to the true enemy as the “CCP”? 🤔

China has a Deep State too.


I was tracking on this back on August 2nd, 2022, when Russia, China’s ally, came out and declared that “the PRC are the one true government in China”, denouncing the CCP. 

Which was oddly echoed by Grassley and Pompeo on the exact same day, declaring there is a distinction between China, and the CCP. 

Which leads into my overall thesis that Trump is aligned with Putin and Xi, and all 3 of them are anti-deep state.

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot

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