Five years ago this Friday…

A military grade communications operation eventually identified as “Q” began posting “drops” on Oct 28, 2017 at a website called 4chan. The Q comms began with two “drops” or “crumbs.” We eventually learned that the communications platform was made up of less than ten people, three of whom were not military.

The mission was to provide clues in nearly 5,000 posts, pointing us in the direction where we could find openly available info that Q couldn’t divulged to national security concerns. Millions of anons worldwide began digging and shared what they discovered with other anons on 4chan. Called crowdsourcing, it is how we circumvented the media’s lies and narratives, instead learning the truth about the world and the criminals in it.

Many posts hinted at events to come. “Future proves past.”

Five years on, we’re watching Q’s predictions unfold.

Some messages were directed at the enemy. Some were internal to special operators. Most were addressed to us, we the people who eventually became known as “anons,” anonymous followers and decoders of the Q comms.

To read the Q posts:

Graphic created by Absolute1776

By Radiopatriot

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