I totally get it.

From Tracy Beanz’ Chat channel on Telegram:

“You would think that the “sleepers” would be beginning to wake up by now…. Can’t make this $hit up!  I watch my hubs reaction each night as he sits in front of the Tell-a-vision watching PBS NewsHour, just waiting for the moment when a light goes off in his head that something is just not right with this administration.  Crazy times we are living in, takes a ton of patience and grace to get through it all, and still love those who are veiled in the lies and propaganda.   Cannot wait for a time when these truths are so out there, the sleepers are hearing them from “their” trusted news sources, and maybe also for a smidgen of vindication – yea I know, that is self serving and not something I really should be hoping for, but… I am just a human. “– ADKerAtHeart

By Radiopatriot

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