The Lord works in marvelous and mysterious ways.

Nobody wanted Gregg and Catherine to be arrested. However, we are seeing an outcry on Twitter from mainstream GOP sources. This does help our narrative, and I suspect the outcry will only intensify.

— Just Human Kyle

Trump is openly telling us that the storm is coming and that he’s Q plus. 

He has a plan. 

Whatever happens in the next month or so. 

Remember the nods and reassurances he gave us. 

If Trump isn’t panicking then I’m not either. 

And even if he was.

God is in control. 

–Ultra Pepe Lives Matter

Donald J. Trump Re-TRUTHED this:

I don’t know when the storm is coming, but I can tell you this: Things can change suddenly. I have been feeling the storm’s arrival will be a shockingly quick shift.

A lot of you guys ask me “when is the storm coming?” Or “when is Trump getting back in office?” I do not have these answers. I will address this by saying that as soon as the White Hats know that enough people are awakened, they won’t waste any time by drawing things out longer than needed.

They have planned for the best outcome!⛈️

— @RealQstradamus

By Radiopatriot

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