More serious than originally thought.

Nancy Pelosi’s Son Gives Devastating Update On His Dad’s Recovery

This is tragic.

By Radiopatriot

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  1. I would like to see the videos that surely are from security cameras all over the house . Once a lier. Always a lier when it involves the Pelosi clan. Do you think there is sufficient reason to believe this story? I don’t.
    The unselect J6 committee is one reason. I’m sure if you have a $25,000 refrigerator packed with gourmet ice cream during a pandemic lockdown then 3rd in line for President has extreme security at the abode and a homeless maniac would be caught BEFORE entering ….especially at 2am. And the big question is why did this gay male prostitute randomly select the house to break in , enter and attack an 81 year old multi millionaire drunk? SEEING IS BELIEVING AND TALK IS VERY CHEAP.

  2. The police “watched” while Paul Pelosi struggled with Pape. Now, why would they do that given the gravity and their knowledge about who Paul is??? Every other situation, they would at least have guns drawn. Here, nothing? Stranger and stranger, just like all our mass $hootings.

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