BREAKING: Maricopa County voters sound off on issues they faced voting on Election Day

BREAKING: Leaked Biden and Pelosi Phone Call was posted on John Durham channel and EXPOSED Dems Plan for Midterms. MUST SEE!

Tracy Beanz:

Judge in Missouri v. Biden case rules against government; motion to reconsider the expedited deposition of FBI agent Chan is DENIED. Chan must sit for expedited deposition. 

I covered this last week in detail.

Tracy Beanz (@tracybeanz)

🚨 THREAD: The Missouri v. Biden case will go down in history as one of the most important civil liberties cases ever tried in a United States court. A ruling was issued today and I would like to explain this to you. The judge in this case just smacked the government down once again. READ ON

For a refresh on why this decision was so important, see:

MORE on Missouri v. Biden: Also last week the Fed. Gov filed a motion for protective order to seal video depositions and transcripts of those depositions from the public. Missouri has responded in a scathing rebuke in which they say “The Federal Government just proved our case about censorship…by trying to censor…” READ: (cont)


The Fed. Government said video depositions can be manipulated and used to smear the officials required to testify. As proof that officials are potential “victims” of harassment by the public, they offer ONE TWEET that uses an expletive to tell a future witness (essentially) to F off. They then go on to demonstrate how it is actually CISA’s policy to censor based on their version of “malinformation” – truthful info that is against the government narrative.


“The entire memo in opposition to the motion is really glorious to read. Missouri talks about how important criticism of the government is, as a fundamental right, and how the Federal government is now writhing and filing motions in all sorts of courts because they are guilty and don’t want to be held accountable. If you want a little teeny bit of hope while we suffer elsewhere, read it.

As we advance the field right now through so much uncertainty there are still some positive things happening. Focusing on YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT is going to become even more important now. The courts are also coming through in many cases to protect the constitution. The founders were genius in that they made checks and balances. The judicial system has been busy lately and I’m encouraged by it. Just my 2 cents if folks want some hope. I know it’s not in gratuitous supply lately.