Brian’s back on Telegram. Here’s why he left in the first place:

I know a lot of people were disappointed and confused about why I deleted my previous channel here on Telegram. While I can’t tell you everything, I can say this: 

1. Telegram is not a secure platform

2. Evidence was seen by someone I trust that our Pit Crew DM’s were being compromised by third parties

3. We were discussing things in those DM’s that had not gone public yet in relation to Konnech, Allegheny County and several other China server-related issues

I made the decision to remove the DM’s by deleting the channel and not posting anything on Telegram until enough time had passed and the issues being discussed had gone public. 

Even so, I”m going to be far more circumspect on what I tell anybody on this platform in a DM.  This was a brutal learning experience in information warfare. 

– Brian

Yes, it’s me. Posted this on my Truth Social.

Brian Cates ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@BrianCates)