“Chris Wray lied…” — Kash Patel

HUGE: Chris Wray Lied – Eight FBI Confidential Human Sources Were with the Proud Boys Alone on Jan. 6 – Wray Knew for Over a Year that FBI Infiltrated Jan. 6 Protests (VIDEO)

Kash Patel shared in Kash’s Corner on Epoch TV that if the FBI had informants at the Jan 6 protests, then the FBI knew they had operatives in the crowd. In a recent Epoch TV show, Kash Patel pointed out that the FBI had to know for up to a year that the Jan 6…

What did the FBI know in the weeks and days leading up to the Jan. 6 Capitol breach? Is the Department of Justice possibly committing Brady violations?

“When Christopher Wray told the world that the FBI had no … verifiable or credible evidence that January 6 was going to happen, that’s a complete and total lie because they had placed FBI confidential human sources there,” argues Kash Patel.

“The Department of Justice is taking an active position to prosecute people when they have not fully investigated the case and know[ing] there’s information out there that might be beneficial to a number of the defendants they are currently prosecuting.”

We discuss recent reporting about FBI informants within Proud Boys, Christopher Wray’s testimony on Jan. 6, and likely Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy’s plans to remove Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Eric Swalwell, and Rep. Ilhan Omar from committee assignments.



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  1. I’ve wondered about CW. I wanted to believe he was better than the others but about 3 months ago I saw him for what he is: traitor

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