Do you see what he’s doing?

(Leading the hunters into his traps.)

By Radiopatriot

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    1. i dont see it as “whining”. i see it as being ganged up on… trying to get his voice out there, but constantly being attacked until they make him look like that bad person. he has never been given a fair shot at this. unfortunately… it has been working. just like election fraud… they just attacked him more and more about it until people either believed it did not happen or they were just tired of hearing about election fraud and didnt care either way, they just wanted to drop it and move on. so…they win.

  1. Trump is pointing out the OBVIOUS! Those people, who think they are in charge are SOCIOPATHS, triggered by actions they themselves pull everyday, gaslighting the public in order to hide their intentions and actions! They are MENTALLY ILL, thinking we can’t see through their BS!

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