But Nothing is Happening!

Razak is on trial for the One Malaysia Development Board corruption that stole billions through corruption. He was getting payments from then Saudi Finance Minister Faisal al Turki. He had previously been the head of Saudi Intelligence before taking over the Kingdom’s money!

Following that, he was appointed to be the Saudi Ambassador to the U.K. from January 2003- July 2005.
He seems to have become a great friend of Tony Blair during that time period. 

Because in 2010, the Prince used Tony Blair to help form a lucrative partnership with his brothers company PetroSaudi & the Chinese. 


Tony Blair: the former PM for hireEmails show oil firm questioned complex structure of Blair’s company, and reveal his closeness to Chinese leadershiphttps://www.theguardian.com/politics/2016/apr/28/petrosaudi-tony-blair-emails-oil-company-chinese

The middleman? Nawaf Obaid, one of the bankers who set up #1MDB & worked for the Prince! 

Tony Blair & the Prince were going to use their contacts to grease the skids for business deals in Africa & China for fun & profit! They even had a former Goldman Sachs executive on the PetroSaudi team! 

The DOJ is currently negotiating with Goldman Sachs with prosecutors recommending that the banking firm must plead guilty for crimes related to funding of #1MDB

The Saudis hired Blair to lobby China for them, but had misgivings that the payment splitting between two Blair companies made the deal look shady. 

Looks like the kind of arrangement you would want to move money through different entities to make it hard to track. Using one name to work for businesses & the other to work with government agencies. 

The Saudi’s worried about the financial structure of Tony Blair’s businesses. But Varun Chandra, a former Lehman Brothers banker and director of TBA sold them on it. The Saudis went along because Blair was getting Chinese senior leaders to warm up to PetroSaudi. 

Remember at the same time Blair was the world’s representative working with Middle East leaders to achieve peace. While pimping for the son of the then King of Saudi Arabia’s company! 

So the company was claiming to be an arm of the Saudi royal family & government, while Blair was asking for $100,000 a month retainer to woo the Chinese government leaders! 

Of course at the same time, Blair was establishing a partnership between Peking University & his Faith Foundation! I’m sure that is all on the up and up just like his friend Bill Clinton’s foundation!

All while Blair was lobbying the Chinese, getting partners for his Foundation, & running the Middle East Peace Process that failed. Fortunately, the Saudi leadership eventually shifted in another direction!

The power shift in Saudi Arabia lead to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman assuming power & cracking down on corruption. 

Saudi Arabia Says 200 Detained in Anti-Corruption Crackdown (Published 2017)An official says the arrests were based on three years of investigations, which found that $100 billion in state funds had been lost to corruption.https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/09/world/middleeast/saudi-arabia-corruption-arrests.html

Princes over the years have allegedly stolen at least $100B dollars from the kingdom through corruption & embezzlement. Approximately 200 were detained in a November 2017 crackdown on the corruption.

This was based on an investigation starting in 2014, the same time a lot of the global money laundering cases were started by the FBI under James Comey.

President Trump even took to Twitter to support the corruption crackdown!

Among those arrested in the crackdown? Prince Faisal al Turki’s brother, who was the founder of PetroSaudi the company Tony Blair was lobbying China for…


Jho Low, a money launderer who used Hollywood as a means to launder money to both Obama & Clinton in the hopes of keeping the lid on the #1MDB investigation! #ButNothingsHappening 

Beyond full circle maybe, Turki’s middle man Obaid may be one of John Brennan’s lackeys.

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