Our very nature is changing.

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“How do the anon and the truth-seeker endure such trials while watching the rest of the world continue spinning on its chaotic axis, people living their lives ignorant of the severity of the war we are all engaged in, willingly or not?

They endure—we endure—by recognizing that our very nature is changing.”


By Pepe Lives Matter

At this moment in history, the awakening mind needs encouragement and faith more than ever. 

Without it, the black pill, ‘Doomer’s Refrain’ and defeatism can embed themselves deep into the psyche, and once it does, it often refuses to let go. 

This cannot be allowed to happen. 

We are witnessing a near-constant bombardment of information designed to bring others into contact with their red pill moment, and that is not always what the individual patriot is meant to digest on a daily basis. Thus, taking the eagle-eyed view might be your only true reprieve as we transition through these dire times. Cultivating that view should be one of your core priorities, or else the noise of the day-to-day news could drown out your hope until it becomes too difficult to defend your emotional well-being. 

This Macro Viewpoint is why I’ve been such a proponent of feeding ourselves with more than just the same ‘precipice’ narratives designed for the normie and the half-awake. We do not need to continually risk our own mental health by incessantly reporting what is not always meant for you, the awakened patriot. Yes, these negative realities persist in our world and they need to be addressed, but there are also beautiful moments happening all around us, and your ability to see and focus on those moments that uplift you is imperative for mental and emotional survival in this barren season. 

This is why I am writing this to you today, because not every season you pass through is destined to feel satisfying. 

Sometimes you’re simply going through a transition, leaving something behind in order to reach something new. 

On the one hand, you can’t give up the promises and faith you have for the good that might come into your life, but on the other hand, by living in the tension of not being where you want to go, you risk upending all of the progress you’ve made on this journey. 

There is a way to thrive in that transition, and it’s about having the right mentality and the right expectations. By applying this mindset, you’ll be less likely to give up your belief that the world will be blessed and for God to come through for you in your personal life and for Patriots to ensure a bright future devoid of globalist elitists hellbent on destruction. Anons, citizen journalists and the awakening collective cannot give up now, after all we’ve been through and after learning the truth about the world. 

After all, a barren season where we wait for the masses to reach their own red pill moments is not one to be thrown away so lightly. If you think that God is wasting this moment in your life, you are mistaken. 

Trump told us in his 2024 announcement speech that we had not yet reached the precipice. He said it quite plainly, in fact. Not enough are awake. Once the people awaken, there will be unity and breakthrough. This transition time for the weary anon has become less about digging into information and more about digging deeper into God, or at the very least, into faith in something more. 

Without faith, it almost seems impossible to ascertain the light at the end of this tunnel. When Trump was in office, all felt well. Yes, [they] were fighting Trump tooth and nail, but we never doubted our inevitable victory. As we transitioned into the fog, doubt has overcome many. The masses absolutely required this red pill enema, but the anon already understood the evils we face. The corruption seems so blatant because the unveiling is a prerequisite to ‘the plan’ truly being implemented. 

And rest assured, there IS a plan.

But how can Trump continue to tell everyone that the best is yet to come while simultaneously telling us all that World War 3 is imminent and that we are essentially up against something unbeatable? 

If the best wasn’t to come, then our fight would truly be futile. Maybe the truth, then, is that World War 3 precipice messages aren’t designed for us, but rather for the unconvinced spectators beginning to question things and go down their own rabbit holes. 

Do you honestly believe the 2020 Plandemic didn’t backfire on them in tangible ways? Without this powerful example of tyranny and their agenda, many of you would not even be reading these words today. Instead, you saw and felt that something was not right with the world, you began to research for yourself as you sat at home isolated for a virus with an over 99 percent survival rate and a cure, and once you began to question things, you simply could not stop digging. That is why you are here, and that is the stage all reachable people need to reach. 

Not every red pill is going to sink in with each person in the same manner, but once the truth latches onto you, you are akin to Neo opening his ‘real’ eyes for the first time in The Matrix.

Once a mind awakens, it never goes back to sleep. 

That is why you are here, isn’t it? 

The anon and the truth-seeker cannot go back, no matter how painful their journey may feel at times. No matter how hopeless things can seem, hope must be found, encouraged and nurtured. To guard that hope becomes a way of life, an art form that needs to be carefully practiced before it can truly be mastered. 

If you are constantly being sucked in emotionally by the narratives that are meant to drive people to their own necessary and respective awakening moments, then you are living on the precipice incorrectly. 

Feel the emotion, yes, and embrace the passion and the righteous indignation this war can trigger, but to live within that emotion at all times is a recipe for disaster and heartbreak.

This heartbreak is a result of the continued assault on our fundamental freedoms. It has hardened our resolve and showed the people firsthand what could happen if the Cabal were allowed to carry out their plans. 

So how do the anon and the truth-seeker endure such trials while watching the rest of the world continue spinning on its chaotic axis, people living their lives ignorant of the severity of the war we are all engaged in, willingly or not? 

They endure—we endure—by recognizing that our very nature is changing. 

We are being strengthened through this knowledge, difficult as it can be to accept, as these difficult truths and reveals expand the very corridors of our hearts and minds.

It has been said that the end won’t be for everyone, but you shouldn’t worry about that, as your old self won’t be around for the end. 

You are changing while the world slowly wakes up. You are being reborn from the ashes. The heat of each trial is carefully crafting you and bringing you into a new and glorious place. To lose heart now, to give up would be to deny yourself and the world a precious treasure among treasures.

So feel the longing, defend your hope, do what you are called to do, but let Him do what He is doing in your life now in the meantime. Let faith guide you. Faith in a higher power, faith in yourself, faith in each other and faith in the truth. 

Change your mindset and allow God to cause you to thrive, even if it just means practicing a simple change in perspective regarding what your trial really means. Maybe God is bringing you somewhere new, expanding your heart, and preparing you on the inside. 

Maybe that is the plan.

By Radiopatriot

Retired Talk Radio Host, Retired TV reporter/anchor, Retired Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Retired Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist Twitter.com/RadioPatriot * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot


  1. That is a very beautiful , inspiring message and it hits home more than anything I have ever heard. There are definitely days and nights where I feel despair and tremendous worry and anxiety for President Trumps safety. I’m not afraid of death and often , I want to leave this planet . I’m 71. My heart breaks for the younger generations. Every day I ask God to please eradicate this EVIL from this planet once and for all, for the highest good of all humanity . So be it and so it is. I say the Lord’s Prayer every day. Horses bring me incredible peace and joy . They are my subject in photography. The point is, do something every day that fills you with joy. This war rages on regardless. The losses are hard to take and the wins barely register in the clouds of propaganda and destruction . And so much chatter in the background …..from both sides. Only God knows how this will ultimately play out.

  2. This so confirms what we “conspiracy theorists” have been experiencing. We need to keep our eyes on our Heavenly Father for our strength and comfort! We are God’s soldiers and will keep fighting and keep the faith!

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