Brian Cates Analyzes FTX Scandal

Here’s what a lot of people are missing about the FTX scandal. 

I see a lot of commentators going with a narrative that makes no sense whatsoever: 

That after having spent the past 3 years setting up a massive slush fund/money laundering scheme, these same people behind it then deliberately CRASHED it and exposed it so they could start a big push to regulate cryptocurrency.

Let me explain why this narrative doesn’t make any sense.

To believe the same people that set up FTX and Alameda Research and the 100+ shell companies it was tied to in order to move massive amounts of laundered money then turned around and deliberately exposed it all, you have to believe they WANTED the American public to learn that a big chunk of the foreign aid our political class sent to Ukraine was being kicked back to them by SBF under the table. 

Do you REALLY think they wanted everybody to see that?

Of COURSE they didn’t.

Trump shut down all their government slush funds when he came into the White House back in 2017, remember? 

Remember how the Democrats were so DESPERATE to keep those gov’t slush funds going, we got the HIGH COMEDY for several weeks of their trying to pretend Mick Mulvaney wasn’t the new director of the Consumer Protection Agency? 

Because the CPA massive fines = a huge slush fund?


Court sides with Trump in CFPB leadership dispute

Judge Timothy Kelly denied a request by Leandra English.

They were frantic to replace all that money before the 2020 election cycle kicked off.

As Trump shut down their slush funds one by one from 2017-2020, they got CREATIVE. 

That’s what FTX was, it was a new private sector slush fund they were setting up from 2018 with Alameda Research and then FTX in 2019. 

Go look at the dates. 

What date did FTX launch? 


So what are you being told? 

You’re told that right before the 2022 midterms, and before the 2024 election cycle even got underway, the Democrats and UniParty RINOS and the people pulling their strings in the shadows decided to TAKE FTX DOWN THEMSELVES in order to go after crypto.  

No, they didn’t decide to blow FTX up themselves, but when it happened ANYWAY and they COULDN’T STOP IT, they are now making the BEST OF A BAD SITUATION.


They couldn’t stop FTX’s collapse, and the exposure of all that political foreign aid money laundering that’s coming. 


That’s why you’re hearing them talk about regulating crypto. They’ll take a massive setback and try to turn it into a net positive for themselves.

They did not take down their own massive slush fund. 

They did not ‘plan’ to expose all the Ukraine money laundering that was going on [and Ukraine was FAR from the only country where foreign aid is being stolen and kicked back to the DC political class]. 

They did not plan to take down the #2 biggest donor to the Dem party just before the 2024 election cycle kicks off. 

Now they gotta REPLACE all of that money.

So yeah. 

NOW they’re making noises about regulating crypto.  

Because they have to try to salvage something from this massive debacle.  

They gotta try to turn a massive negative into a positive somehow.

As this scandal develops and more evidence comes to light about where most of FTX’s money came from…and where it went…the scandal will only get bigger…and bigger. 

I wish the Democrats lots of luck.

And right as I’m finishing this thread….

Hey, small world, eh? 

This is actually a positive sign.  

In the past the conflict of interest would’ve been hidden from view, or if it surfaced, everybody would’ve said they didn’t care about it, so what?

Did you hear about all the massive fallout that happened when after a year and a half of investigating, the January 6 Committee in the US Congress finally released it’s FINAL REPORT where they prove President Trump was in on the plan to attack the Capitol Building and so he was a leader of the insurrection? 

Yeah, neither did I. 

I’m being sarcastic there, for those of you from Rio Linda. 

They released their important report and nobody gives a shit. 


By Radiopatriot

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