Bolsonaro on his way to FL – Family already at Mar a Lago

Bolsonaro Leaves for USA, Vice President Mourão Takes Over and Schedules Announcement

President Jair Bolsonaro has departed Brazil on an Air Force plane for the USA, where his family already is. Vice President Antônio Hamilton Martins Mourão has assumed control of the government and has scheduled a national press conference for tomorrow, Dec. 31, at 8 pm local time.

Vice-President General Hamilton Mourão is an outspoken supporter of President Bolsonaro and has criticized the Supreme Court’s crackdown on pro-democracy protestors.

He recently commemorated the defeat of the 1935 Communist coup on November 27 when “traitors to the Fatherland acted against the State and the Brazilian people,” calling it “the first stab of the International Communist Movement against Brazil. It wouldn’t be the last. Let them come, they will not pass!”

Pro-Bolsonaro accounts urged protestors not to give up and to remain outside the army barracks.

“I just had confirmation”, writes pro-Bolsonaro account Diego Di. “Bolsonaro had to do what he did to get out of the line of fire, but the mission continues. It’s part of the plan: that was the Military shielding our Captain. We must have faith. Don’t leave the barracks. Now it’s up to the Armed Forces.”

“A message to all communists, leftists, petistas (Lula supposters): As soon as the man lands with the Brazilian Air Force plane in the USA, then definitely you can count down to 72 hours once and for all. Bolsonaro is smart, he’s not stupid, wait. No risks,” Diego Di posted.

“The acting president General Hamilton Mourão has called an official press conference for 12/31,” writes Diego Di.  “Reminding everyone that Bolsonaro made no official statement, just an informal livestream for his audience. Tomorrow, with Bolsonaro safe in the US, comes the pronouncement.”

Conservatives being upset over Bolsonaro’s defeat makes all the sense in the world…

However, did you know back in the day Lula told Obama to f*ck off when he asked him if the BRICS were working on a new currency to bypass the dollar? 

Doesn’t seem too inspiring from the POW of the swamp… very curious to see how Brazil moves in the geopolitical landscape going forward, even without Bolsonaro.

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