Post-Christmas Rumination

From Spitballer Libertarian_X on Telegram:

“Well… my dysfunctional, yet lovable, family’s holiday season is almost officially over. I be tired, y’all. 😆 

In order for everyone to be here at the same time, we had to wait until Tuesday to have Christmas. The older two are flaming liberals, and on top of that, they’re young (22&19) and know everything. I’m tempted to tell them they may want to take a break from video games and booster shots and take over the world now, before they wake up to the geriatric age of 30 and they’re rendered retarded for for the rest of their live. Ya know, because old age is a bitch. 😆

It’s really hard to bite my tongue with them though, but our movement is about unifying and trying to find common ground with those who aren’t awake, and may never wake up. My wife is happier than pig in shit to have all her babies together though, and that’s what’s important. I’ve come to realize that the best way to help people who disagree with me and may not wake up, is to love them and treat them with respect, in spite of themselves. It’s difficult sometimes, especially when my step-son (19) thinks he’s in some sort of a passing [sic] contest with him, when in reality, I don’t care how he lives his life, and I hope he finds happiness in whatever he decides in life. I can’t get over just how much liberal millenias have been brainwashed to think Google IQ listening to MSM makes them superior. Our colleges and universities are a serious problem, and need to be dealt with firmly and aggressively (nonviolent), and very soon. 

Bottom line though, until the miracle happens for all of the lost souls, our best course of action is to love them, until they learn to love themselves. The waking up process has to be organic to take hold, and the deepstate is a big enough enemy to be making enemies of the common man, who is confused. The financial part of the new year is probably going to be difficult enough, so be good to those who hate you in error.✌️”

By Radiopatriot

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