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January 8, 2023

Well I have believed from the beginning that Flynn has always been one of the architects of this entire military operation and has been playing the part of igniting the fire under the American people to take back their local government and school boards.

January 8, 2023 

There purpose in this war against the insurgency is to inform the population.

We are using the Counterinsurgency guide in this war and the biggest part of that strategy is to turn the population against the insurgency.

The media does their best to ignore all the crimes and corruption but with huge investigations going on in the House that will force the media to cover, along with being spread all over social media, especially Twitter, this is the enemy’s worst nightmare.

January 8, 2023

I think when Trump said McCarthy might be a GREAT speaker was because he knew what was coming.

He will do everything Trump needs him to do.

McCarthy haters might not like this perspective and I know it’s early to make predictions but Trump knows things we don’t and everything McCarthy has done so far is right out of the Trump playbook for completely changing how the legislative branch does business.

In time I think Trump’s prediction will turn out to be right.

January 9, 2023

Literally every single battle we were fighting against communism was a lie.

Every single group or leader we supported to battle communism, the CIA was funding and helping them all to traffic drugs into our country.

Every single one.

As Nancy Reagan was pushing to just say no to drugs.

January 9, 2023

Believe me. I’m not bashing Reagan. I love Reagan and he was a patriot.

But his administration was literally filled with CIA people that were doing things behind his back and not informing him of it.

Led by Bush Sr.

Bush Sr is the enemy not Reagan.

But the advantage Trump had that Reagan did not, was that the military was not prepared YET to take on the insurgency.

Reagan tried but there was no way he could succeed in my opinion.

January 10, 2022

…I already know our history is a complete lie but to see the details and just how tangled the web is can be very difficult to swallow.

Especially when you used to support and defend the ones that are the most evil.

Bush Sr is an absolutely evil man in my opinion.

…I think Trump is back before 2024 but now I believe it’s only a fifty/fifty shot.

The reason?

I don’t think Trump has to be back at all for the things we want to happen.

I think the plan was always for him to be off the stage so that it wouldn’t look political.


Q said, optics are very important.

Your focus on the election I agree with.

I think the election will be exposed and overturned in the courts all while Trump is off the stage.

It will change our entire election system, not just in a couple of swing states.

I answered why Q said “the military is the only way” in my last Substack on Badlands Media.

It was a controlled military operation from the beginning and Trump was a war time president as soon as he was sworn in.

The military is conducting operations every day and has been since before Trump won.

They are following the Counterinsurgency guide which explains why things must happen the way they are.

It’s an unconventional war.

In a counterinsurgency, this is the main point.

“The decisive effort is rarely military (although security is the essential prerequisite for success) that our efforts MUST BE DIRECTED TO THE CREATION OF LOCAL AND NATIONAL GOVERNMENTAL STRUCTURES THAT WILL SERVE THE POPULATION.

That’s what’s happening.

Trump flipped the courts and we are getting massive wins in the courts.

The election stuff had to be timed for now to avoid a civil war which is why waiting till after the midterms was important. I don’t think Kari Lake’s lawsuit is over and more stuff coming in my opinion.

We won the House and now they have completely changed the rules and the structure of the House to serve the people once again.

All part of the strategy.

And from my article: it’s a three phase strategy and we are still in the second phase that takes the longest. It’s still the Awakening phase.

The second phase is consolidation.

Second Phase of Control: CONSOLIDATION 

This phase is typically the LONGEST IN DURATION, lasting years or even decades. In COIN, establishing control over POPULATION GROUPS and POPULATION CENTERS is more important than control of the TERRITORY.

This is the phase we are currently in. 

For the last six years, there has been a focused strategy to turn the population against the insurgency. The danger of a civil war is now greatly diminished, which is why I believe we’ve entered the final part of the consolidation phase; this will begin to bring the justice we all have waited for. The timing has to be perfect. 


The process of consolidation must be carefully managed to ensure that it does not progress TOO SLOWLY (leading to popular frustration and regression to insurgent control in key areas) nor TOO QUICKLY (leading to premature fielding of inadequate local security forces, or premature transition before control is fully consolidated).

Trust me. 

Trump and the military are closely monitoring the sentiment of the people. Every time the people seem discouraged, something big happens. I believe it’s all been planned and timed. It’s no coincidence that huge news now drops multiple times per day. 

The end game is coming.

This part of the phase lasts years and maybe a decade. It’s the most important part if we want to do this right and re-establish the peoples power over their government so that it lasts a very long time.

For anybody that hasn’t read my article, here’s the link.

What’s Taking So Long?

How Do You ‘Show’ the Public the Truth?

January 10, 2023

They are two separate issues.

When will the elections be exposed and overturned and when will Trump return?

I have always thought the elections would be overturned while Trump is off the stage.

When it happens it is going to create a huge uprising of the American people to demand change.

I think the elections will be fixed before 2024 and that is more important in this plan then Trump being back before 2024.

If we’ve learned anything over the last week, Trump is still controlling things.

Whether he is publicly president doesn’t matter.

January 10, 2023

I think McConnell is still leveraged and now that we have the House to stop things and create gridlock, Trump no longer needs McConnell to do that. 

Now I believe he is using McConnell to help make the Senate look as bad as possible compared to the House to destroy the democrat party since they control the Senate which is why McConnell is having lunch with Biden and looks like he’ll play ball with Schumer.

I think that’s why Trump is really bashing him now and talking about his wife was the tell before to me, Trump put her in his cabinet.

He knew they were corrupt and leveraged them.

Just my guess as to what’s about to happen.

…All I know is that 2023 is the year we’ve been waiting for.

Everything is lined up and the table is set.

We control Twitter which means we control social media.

We control the House and the investigations that will now commence.

We also control the courts and are getting major wins and setting up for bigger ones.

We also control the DOJ.

Durham and other investigators along with the IG office are doing work behind the scenes.

Kari Lake’s lawsuit is still in progress too.

Plus it seems info (declass) keeps dropping at really inconvenient times for the enemy.

Planned and timed

January 11, 2023

Yes, Huber was a Special Prosecutor instead of Special Counsel just so he could operate outside of DC where the jury pool is biased and you can’t get a conviction.

I think Durham is just the show for the population and his role isn’t to try and get convictions but rather to destroy the enemies defenses and set up the massive RICO case that’s coming.

He’s purposely only trying people for lying, saving the real charges for later.

But unless the political landscape changes, how is he going to get any convictions?

January 11, 2023

It was very interesting that last night the news, including local news, were all talking about Biden having classified documents he shouldn’t have had and wouldn’t answer questions about it either.

The storm is beginning my friends.

The media will be used against the enemy.

By Radiopatriot

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