Salem’s witch

Having grown up in Salem, Massachusetts, “The Witch City” home of the infamous 17th century witch trials, I’m quite familiar with the ubiquitous logo seen everywhere, including the official patches on the uniforms of our law enforcement and on their police cars.

So when I saw this side profile of Nikki Thinlips, I was struck by the similarity. Do you see it too?

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Uhmmm…. I don’t agree with the above allegation. I don’t care for her past statements about President Trump, but I’ve never seen her throwing Satanic signs or engaging in craft stuff. Kind of school yard slander. KD

      1. I saw what you were saying from the jump. The post was intended as humorous or a light hearted joke. The reference to facial similarities or likeness could imply she is a witch. I don’t go for the implication. I was surprised and shocked at her statement of disagreement concerning President Trump around the time she was our Ambassador to the United Nations. I’ve heard a few of her other statements. We don’t need any more animosity. I’m not in favor of Mrs Nikki Haley. KD

        1. awsd721 ~

          You say you’re not “in favor” of Haley. That is seriously questionable.

          Things that matter:

          – She is pro-choice. That means she agrees with the rabid left that it’s acceptable to be completely irresponsible and it’s perfectly fine to murder a life.

          – She is a war hawk and supports our tax money going to a dictatorship that is trying to start World War 3; in a country that hosts illegal money laundering for the elite politicians here on a scale that is greater than any other in modern history.

          – She has stated she believes the 2020 election was completely legitimate.

          – She does not support control of the southern border and sees no problem with the millions of illegal migrants, criminals and fentanyl they are bringing in by the ton.

          – She has flip-flopped as much as Fraud-Xi did during the scamdemic in her “support” for President Trump.

          – She’s a RINO who is running in an attempt to dilute support for President Trump, although it’s obvious and she will fail.

          There’s a lot more but those are what I can quickly think of.

          Maybe Tiger Woods needs to pass a tampon to you, too.

      2. I see it and it’s a PERFECT resemblance. She is an embarrassment and a humiliation to this country. I guess that’s why she is running for President. It’s seems the rule rather than the exception in the last century except for Trump and less than a small handful of others.

    1. Nikki Haley is one of Klaus Schwab’s “mother WEFfer’s”. I don’t think you survive that club unless you have, eh…alternative beliefs and certainly wouldn’t be involved without an INTENT incongruent with a thriving America.
      So, why do you defend her. Are you an American? She’s a disgrace!

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