Fauci on hot coals

Break him, MTG.


By Radiopatriot

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    1. Mr. and Mrs. FOWL-CHI now BOTH qualify for a FREE HOT COAL FACIAL, compliments of the U.S, Patriots!

  1. He tried to patent Covid 19 spike protein for 15 years, and had that patent request hidden deliberately from the US public. Then he found a sponsor, so the NIH sent him a letter that they were closing his patent request based on him based on his having funding for for further research, about 2015, when he moved his research to “Wuhan”, I presume.

    1. He and Wife would probably be much happier if they moved their labs back to WUHAN. They are both smallish people, so could be easily shipped there in an American made cardboard box, maybe even both in one box to save on shipping costs. The US House of Representatives leader, Mr. McCarthy will gladly hold onto their ASSETS until they arrive in WUHAN.

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