“Cracks are now showing in the system”

BREAKING: California Regulators CLOSE Silicon Valley Bank – FDIC Named Receiver – CEO Allegedly Sold $3.5 Million in Stock in Last Two Weeks

“Cracks are now showing in the system. Market selling hard right now to the downside” – Joe Lange

Chandali’s response:

“November: #JoeLange: “Wow! Wake up and there’s a new Q drop!!

This is about one thing. The Federal Reserve.

The Fed is the most powerful central bank on the planet and controls the entire global debt system.

They have created every bubble, burst every bubble and profited from every bubble since their inception in 1913.

This post ties into the last post.


It’s coming to an end.

The normies don’t know about any of this.

They think the Fed is part of the government.

They don’t understand what causes inflation or why it happened now.

We are the media now!

We must help inform them.

I think globally things are about to happen to set the stage.

In order to move out of the global debt system you have to move into a new system.


A commodity based system is already forming globally backed by gold.

The BRICS nations are buying up record amounts of gold.

Q said 

Gold shall destroy FED

Not “the” Fed as in the Federal Reserve.


Foreign Exchange Department 

Every commercial bank has one and it’s the lynchpin for controlling the world’s money supply.

With the dollar as the reserve currency they have always controlled the exchange rate with other nations currencies that have all been forced to buy oil to run their economies with U.S. dollars.

The Petro Dollar.

Read my first substack on Badlands Media.

I cover the weapons the cabal have used to control the world which are money and oil.

Trump has stripped them of control of both.

The Fed raising rates has strengthened the dollar forcing other cabal controlled central banks around the world to go broke exchanging their currencies for dollars.

I believe we are reaching the point where the BRICS announce a separation from the dollar as the reserve currency and back their currencies with gold.

The end to the Petro dollar as reserve currency will crash the dollar then and bankrupt the central bank global debt system. It will also shoot the price of gold sky high.

It’s only a matter of time but now Q seems to be focusing us on it.

Global events might overtake what is happening here my friends.

Winter in Europe is fast approaching and energy prices are about to go much higher.

When energy prices go higher it tends to break things in economies.

Just my thoughts.”

Now I’m going have to sit at my computer and carefully read your Substacks Joe. Unless you record them and I can just continue using my phone 🥰

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