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  1. No, you’re not, you traitorous scum-sucker. You’re gonna die, your terms or ours, save us the gas and matches and do it yourself. And all that money you and your chinese spy wife have grabbed over the years and everything you’ve accumulated … it’s ALL going into REAL patriotic Americans’ pockets.

    You’ve earned it.

    You’re going to burn on earth and in hell for eternity.

  2. Is CommieMitchie the newest member of the “NO NAME” club? Now we can focus on adding his ChinaWife to that club. Prayer works every time, sometimes it takes a bit of waiting…. GOD is in control.

  3. Love this comment. Been out of touch recently due to hacking of my internet…. lost a lot, so to refresh, will have to read everyone’s amazing comments all over again! Yeaaaaa! It’s all good!

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