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It’s time for Babylon to fall.

“Ron DeSantis is giving us an invaluable gift regardless if it’s intentional or not. He’s smoking out the fake MAGA stars/influencers. Many of these people made not just a lot of money off Trump, they’ve made entire careers off of him. Make no mistake, they’re turning because they’re getting paid and/or are instructed to do so by their handlers. The MAGA community, just like Hollywood, is full of false idols. Trump is big on loyalty and so am I. We won’t forget who the turncoats were! Carry on.”

The Project Veritas investigation proves that pedophiles are using pizza, cheese pizza, cooking and other words as code to prey on children online. Here’s a screenshot of these child predators using these code words from the @ProjectVeritas report. Thank you for sharing @danright

By Radiopatriot

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