Grampa’s up and at ’em

I wonder if he ever sleeps…

I’m calling this “STREAM OF CONSCIOUS AND COGNAC, An Evening with Grampa”

Hello comfy chair  Hello cognac Hello cigar
It’s been a while …

To me .. Life is now about giving back .. I’ve had my fun … I’ve lived a great life …
I never thought I’d be in a position to make a positive change ..  When I realized the the opportunity I have .. It hit me like a brick … It was a Hell Yeah do or die just try moment ..
And here we are  Waiting for more results ..
Just mumbeling .. sorry

Off topic but I bought a new weed eater  Husqvarna … I heard Husqvarna’s were better than Sthil’s .. My last weed eater was a Sthil … It lasted over 10 years .. I have a large property ..  I enjoy doing the yard work near the house .. All the rest is contracted out 
It better be ready to work .. Sorry Rambling again ..  But I think I’m going to like this Husqvarna

If you’re an aspiring musician  Don’t sign that contract … even if you’re promised the world ..
They’ll own you … they’ll own your content .. They’ll merchandise your name and you’ll see not a penny of it ..
Sure you’ll get paid  But the payment is limited to it’s full potential 
Don’t do it  You’ll regret it

Whoooooo boy .. Expect everything and everything … remember ?

BREAKING UPDATE: Zelensky Associate Was Present at Biden Bribery Meetings – Then Went to Work for President Zelensky Who Now Is Holding Blackmail Information Against Joe Biden (VIDEO)

Remember when it was drips … and I said the flood gates have been opened? 
I said the next 2 weeks are going to be action packed and we’re not even done with Monday yet …

I want to thank you for acceptance and allowing me to be a part of this movement ..
I won’t let you down

Remember .. expect everything and anything  And it’s only Monday

It’s a good day
I love you all .. Your support will not go unrecognized

Who wants to bet Trump gets indicted tomorrow?

Loving yourself isn’t being selfish … It’s  required

I dare Joe Biden to say “Rubber baby buggy bumpers” 10x real fast ..
I dare him

You’re a wonderful audience I can hardly wait for my reveal
You’re going to be mind blown

Years after I’m long gone … you’ll always remember my “W.H.G.”  moniker 
I’m hard to forget It’s already been planned in advance

I got a call from one of Isabel Sanford’s (was her stage name if you didn’t know) family members not long ago … I was asked a bunch of questions .. All good of course .. And I replied as honestly as I knew how to answer 
I’ll just leave it there

Shall I have another glass of cognac .. fire up another cigar and chit chat ?  Or have you had enough of me tonight ? It’s up to you

I’m no one special .. At least that’s the way I look at it .. I’ve always had a knack for bringing people together in harmony though …
It’s my nature  It’s me  It’s what I do best 
If you’re new here welcome aboard  AND PAY ATTENTION

I can tell you this .. Flip Wilson was defiantly NOT gay … He had a female harem at any given time of his choice
His crossdressing scheme was all an act   And it paid off for him greatly

Indictment 7/25/23 … who wants to bet?

A chunk of a Davidoff cigar in Freddys pipe really isn’t so bad … hard to get used to it .. But what the hell … I’m smoking from the pipe Freddy Mercury gifted to me … first time and LONG overdue
I’ll have to order some quality pipe tobacco to make i

Freddys Pipe … Sure would be a catchy song title 
Hint Hint

Have you had enough of me tonight? I’m free all day tomorrow  Have nothing to do but return phone calls 
Should I stay or should I go It’s up to you

I bleed red  Just like you
I’m not anything special God made us equal
I respect you  respect me
On a Troll Hunt

I have a message box full of people asking me to unban or unblock them 
When I ask what they typed to get banned or blocked I usually never hear from them again …
Be respectful to me and my followers and there will be no problems  ..
Disrespect is followed by a consequence here ..

Leonard Nimoy didn’t really have pointed ears … In my opinion ..He was in fact, an odd bird … But he didn’t have pointed ears … And The Vulcan Death Grip was nothing more than HollyWierd acting wierd again
Believe it or not .. Some people actually needed to hear this

Jim Morrison let me drive his 70 Boss 429 Cobra Jet Toreno … I showed him how it was meant to be driven  He gave it away without signing the title …  If anyone knows where that car is today I’d love to buy it from whoever has it … title or no title, I’ll pay top dollar

My dog .. Can I talk about my dog for a minute? He’s 17 .. will be 18 next month He’s old .. he’s blind .. he’s deaf .. But I love him with my everythings 
I don’t have it in me to put him down .. I won’t shoot him and I’m torn within a decision He’s not suffering .. but he’s exceeded his expectancy 
What do I do?

Now I’m crying … over an old dog  I shouldn’t have asked that question … I knew it would spark my emotions
I know what needs to be done sooner or later
I’m not to big to admit I cry  ahhh I’ll figure it out
Thank you anyhow It’s just hard to think of life with out him Sorry to bother you with my nonsense
I apologize

Tears be gone 
Another round bartender
I’m sorry

Ever hear of Kid Cavanaugh?  He was a boxer in the Navy from years ago .. He came at me in a drunken rage once … Scared me .. My first reaction to a guy who could punch my head off was to show him the difference between boxing and a kick to the nutts …
When he was done throwing up he apologized and shook my hand ..
Protect yourself … do whatever you need to do .. protect yourself .. Nothing is fair game in a street fight

Let’s pray I’m wrong about a Trump Indictment today … Drink your coffee and think about this 
Did you know .. Sam The Butcher .. Barney Hefner … And Magilla Gorilla … are the same … 2 of the 3 are obvious … but few know about Magilla … 
You’ll appreciate my early wake up later

Allan Melvin (visual voices guide) Known for voicing Magilla Gorilla, and Thun the Lion Man. View 42 images and 4 sounds of Allan Melvin’s characters from their voice acting career. Was born Feb 18, 1922 – Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

By Radiopatriot

Former Talk Radio Host, TV reporter/anchor, Aerospace Public Relations Mgr, Newspaper Columnist, Political Activist * Telegram/Radiopatriot * Telegram/Andrea Shea King Gettr/radiopatriot * TRUTHsocial/Radiopatriot

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  1. I love WHG however it bugs me that he spells Freddie Mercury’s first name as Freddy…….am I the only one?

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