More on the Drowning?

I don’t know how reliable this is. Time will tell.

When were the daughters with him? It could have been anytime. Clickbait?



By Radiopatriot

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  1. This is another DEM event where the facts change by the minute. When you create a coverup or conspiracy theory it must be thought through at the beginning rather than shooting from he hips.

  2. was going to say the same thing….FAKE daughters……getting SO TIRED of this whole corrupt mess & lies….for those of us who have been AWAKE for YEARS now this is all getting a bit much….BUT still hanging in/holding the line… time to give up when we possibly have the finish line in sight…..

  3. Sounds like he knew too much, or saw something he should not have, or the end of a trist with the Obama’s!

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